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Xuan Wei

June 5, 2008 – 8:44 am

Xuan Wei (宣威 – Xuānwēi) is a small city in northeastern Yunnan province. Last weekend I had the chance to stay there from Friday until Monday and I have to admit: I’m surprised. It’s so much better than the typical Chinese big city.

xuanwei temple

A nice temple at the Eastern Hills of Xuanwei.

The air is incredibly clean in Xuanwei. If You are used to the bad air that is hanging around in Kunming, You will probably be surprised in a positive way. There actually are places where the sky is blue in China.

xuanwei houses

Most of the houses in this part of the city are rather old, but an newer part is also starting to develop.

All kind of fruits and vegetables are available on the market, restaurants are numerous. I had to chance to eat a fish hotpot. Actually it was not hot, but pretty delicious. Fresh fish thrown in a boiling soup for a minute.

overview of xuanwei

In the very south is a quite large coal power station, then this city is not that big. From the mountain in the East You can easily see the whole city. The above picture already shows the biggest part of this countryside city.

Overall it was great weekend. I really want to recommend You to visit a smaller city. You can really discover a different China. This should be part of Your China visit to do list.
buddhist temple xuanwei

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