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World Peace has Come

January 20, 2009 – 8:21 pm

It has been a long road and I’ve always been a fan of Barack Obama. Now he finally made it. Barack Obama is the president of the United States. Let’s see what he has to do:

  1. World Peace

Only one piece of work on the ToDo list, can’t be that difficult.

  1. 5 Responses to “World Peace has Come”

  2. God I hope so! I am a huge supporter of Obama and was brought to tears many times on this amazing day in history! I just hope he delivers!
    Can’t be that difficult! HA! ;) LOL. But if anyone can do it I BELIEVE he is THE ONE!

    By SabineM on Jan 22, 2009

  3. Hello SabineM,

    Barack Obama is so popular over here in Europe, I guess many countries want someone like him. Furthermore he wants to deal with struggling countries in a more peaceful way using diplomatic efforts, similar as we Europeans do and prefer. Okay, let him do his job and in one year we can see what has changed.

    By Hendrik on Jan 22, 2009

  4. “1. World Peace
    Only one piece of work on the ToDo list, can’t be that difficult.”
    It IS difficult. There’s a saying that it takes two to tango. And, in this case, it takes many more than two. A “peaceful way using diplomatic efforts” sometimes works only when there is a strength behind it, and a will to act. As for Europeans, I wonder if they will still support him when he asks them to put their money where their mouths are.
    But I still wish him, the US of A, and all of of us, good luck. It may work out. The very fact that he was electable, and elected, suggests a shift in US.
    I am almost tempted to say “God bless America” here, but God has nothing to do with it. With all its faults, the world would be much worse off without it (the US).
    Someone allegedly said “Trust Americans to do the right thing… after they tried everything else”. So here is to that THIS is the “right thing” they did! Cheers!

    By Neddy on Jan 26, 2009

  5. They say the line about the right thing was from Churchill. The old man was a bit overquoted by American officials in the past six or seven years.
    Let’s see where Obama’s rating polls will be in a bit less than two and four years. What’s in between won’t matter that much, as long as the final results are OK.

    By justrecently on Jan 26, 2009

  6. The old man may have been overquoted by American officials, but not by myself. As for Obama’s rating polls, I could not care less, seeing how much many other polls were divorced from apparent reality. May the force be with the final results, whether we approve, or not.

    By Neddy on Jan 26, 2009

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