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What have You planned for next year?

December 25, 2007 – 5:31 pm

Some people often do not move on in their lives. They walk but remain at the same point all the time. Do You belong to this type of people? I did, but I changed it by starting making definite plans. An Idea I originally found in the amazing and life changing book “Think and Grow Rich”, by Napoleon Hill. You should buy it, too.

In order to achieve good, I made a rough plan. Here arte the actions I’m going to take:

  • Make an internship next spring
  • Learn more Chinese
  • Become fluent in Chinese for easy topics
  • Write some good exams in February
  • Learn either some Japanese or Bahasa Indonesia in autumn
  • Read all the unread books in my bookshelf (remove dust first)
  • Begin with planning for the time after my studies
  • Keep on the work on this website and expand it further
  • Make money with my personal blog

Creating a plan is easy. Just take a piece of paper and a pen, add some time marks on the paper, then think what You want to do when.

I regularly make plans for short and long time planning. I stick all the short time plans at the wall behind my desktop. This way I will always keep track of them. Things that are done should be marked as done in some way. Feel free to celebrate once You reach a goal.

Setting yourself definite goals and committing yourself to them will make sure, that You proceed on Your path. No matter if it is learning a language or earning money. After you set your plans don’t stop. It’s time to get going. This might be the point You are asking: How? For every goal You want to achieve, also think about measures to reach these and write them down as well.

The whole make a plan and execute it idea is discussed in countless self-help books in great detail. Your local library or book store probably has some on stock. Otherwise check the notorious Amazon. If You keep going, rewards await You.

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