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The land of the free not so free anymore?

June 29, 2013 – 9:19 pm

During the cold war there was the West and the East. It was easy to identify the good and the evil. After the cold war there were democracies and dictatorships, or its small brother authoritarian country or regime or whatever. At least you could be certain the democracy was on the sight of the light.

And when a politician spoke about China, then you could easily hear the massive distrust they have at the other side of the pond. Europe on the other side is more open for cooperation with China. Still, until a few weeks ago the USA was seen as a major ally.

When it became apparent that the USA spied on the whole internet traffic, then it was news. Yet, anyone who has a inner distrust to governments already knew before something like this was going on. When it became apparent the UK did the same shit, I felt something was fishy. On the one hand the United Kingdom is part of the EU, on the other hand when it come to security questions they often aligned themselves with the USA.

But the nail in the coffin came today. The USA is massively spying on EU politicians. I often get asked, why I learn Chinese, the language of a country with a rather backward political system. But what about English? The home of the English language, the USA and the UK are really a bad example of how to treat neighbors.

When Google pulled out of China, one of their reasons was that they didn’t want to cooperate with the Chinese government. It kind of implied, the US government is never expecting to access Google’s data. But that is quite far from the truth.

China or the US, not so sure anymore who is good and who is bad.

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