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The Hump Bar

May 10, 2008 – 2:22 pm

It’s Friday evening, You are in Kunming and don’t know where to go? Check out the Hump Bar, which is a great starter for the evening. But You might as well stay the whole night. The Hump Bar provides the coldest beer in town without these stupid icecubes (You can have icecubes if You ask, but no need – the beer is already freezing cold).

The Hump Bar
1/F, Jinbi Plaza, Kunming
Phone: (0871) 3646229

(If You can’t read the Chinese characters I seriously recommend You to get a tool like Chinese Pera Kun)

hump bar at daytime near the golden horse place

When You made it to this place, You are almost there. The Hump Bar is just 1 minute ahead walking. If Your Chinese is bad tell the taxi driver “Wo Yao Qu JimBeam”. He will probably understand it, as this place sounds similar to JimBeam.

tuo feng jiu ba

Already night, the party is going.

What is The Hump like? Expect cool Expats who have stayed long term in China and are working here. Foreign students are surprisingly rare, a lot of Chinese persons also hang out in the Hump Bar very often. Mostly they can speak good English. The Hump bar is a good start if You want to head to Kundu later, but You might as well stay in the Hump the whole night. The Hump has an open and friendly atmosphere, it’s really easy to make new friends there.

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