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The Chinese Communist Party is not wanted

July 13, 2008 – 10:18 am

At least in Hong Kong. At Saturday a group of several hundreds made a protest march though Hong Kong to announce their disagreement with the Chinese Communist Party.

ccp no thank you

Support 40 Million Chinese Quitting CCP!

China is still listed as a country that violates the international human right laws. Why it does so is unknown. To maintain stability is one of the reasons often heard. The Chinese are basically peaceful people, as these people taking part were all non-threatening. In fact they were really nice.

ccp crimes

CCP Crimes: Torture, Sex Abuses, Genocide

Having been in mainland China before it is still a strange experience to see protests again, especially against the Chinese Communist Party. Since 11 years Hong Kong is Chinese, however only the national defence and foreign affairs are governed by Beijing. Every other aspect is still in the hands of the locals. This might change some time in the future. This high degree of independence is only guaranteed until 2047. Then the central government in Beijing will gain more influence on this special administrative region.

cpp protest on hong kong island

The peaceful protest march on the road to Sheung Wan. They played some traditional music as well. It’s good to see people can still freely express their opinion here.

What will the locals do, once the power to rule this small region is returned to the original owners? Then this might be a seed to democratic change. More and more mainland Chinese people visit this former British colony and they see how much freedom is here. Then no-one can expect the Chinese Communist party to remain in it’s current state until 2047. I believe a lot of change can be seen in the future, short term and long term. Change is the only thing constant.

This is already the second protest I witnessed during my stay here in Hong Kong, which is only 5 weeks so far. The first protest was on July the 1st, 11 years past the British left this place.

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  2. The “Support 40 Million Chinese Quitting CCP” movement can hardly speak for Hong Kong, can it?

    By justrecently on Aug 1, 2008

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