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Shanghai and other plans

August 13, 2009 – 12:03 pm

It has been a long time since my last post and I might simply claim it’s the summer’s fault. But a lot has happened this year and a lot is going to happen. I was pretty busy, except for the last 2 weeks, where I relaxed and shook of the stress that amounted on me during this years spring. Now I have the energy to start again.

What happened?

First of all, this spring semester in university was the hardest ever for me. Basically I solved the most difficult 50% classes of my entire Bachelor studies in just this semester. A fact that also makes me very happy and proud. Furthermore I learned a lot of Chinese this spring. Besides learning a lot of words I also got through the 6 books of the lowest level ;-) of Chinese Breeze Reader. I’m going to write some more words about each of these books soon. Two months ago I could barely read the simplest Chinese characters, now I can confidently read about 500 different characters, which is hell of an increase for me. Before I focused on hearing and speaking, but left out reading. Actually it made sense to not read early on, but now is the right time for me to catchup with reading. And finally I visited some relatives in Lithuania, a nice country after all, good for some relaxing times in the nature and fishing and vodka.

What’ next?

For August and beginning of September I plan of improving my Chinese further. Suddenly being able to read these 500 characters gives me the motivation to learn another 500. To strengthen my learning I also want to write some Chinese Flashcard Software for my BlackBerry. I know there is a huge variety of free flashcard software available, but those for the BlackBerry all don’t satisfy my needs, so I will write a piece of software on my own (You might be able to buy a copy for a small fee once it is finished and support me to buy a new Ferrari ;-) ).

In Mid September I’m going to Shanghai! This is a long time dream for me and now it’s the right time to visit the big one at the shores of the 黄浦江 (Huángpǔ jiāng). The tickets are booked, I already got my visa. I plan to stay there for about 3 weeks and I think this is a good chance to practice my Chinese. I’m also thinking if I should buy one of those super small notebooks, also known as netbooks, as my normal notebook is to heavy, but such an electronic device could come in handy. I’m going to decide next week.

Beginning in October I will start to write my Bachelor thesis, further deepen my Chinese knowledge and get ready to jump into my life after university. You can also expect a lot of posts after my Shanghai trip, as I will have a lot of fresh material to post here. Until then, stay tuned!

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  1. 2 Responses to “Shanghai and other plans”

  2. netbooks are very low end powered. not really worth the little money…

    By kozen on Aug 13, 2009

  3. I would just need it to access websites, make notes, etc. I’d use my BlackBerry, but I’m not sure if it is enough.

    By Hendrik on Aug 14, 2009

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