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Sexy dress makes a great Christmas present

November 22, 2009 – 11:27 pm

I was just thinking about what would be a good present for my girl for Christmas. Sure I could by a book or something with deep meaning, or I could just give her a hot piece of cloth. So I was looking around on Baidu for sexy schoolgirl uniforms and found some nice stuff. To help you find the right thing for your girl I want to share this finding, which I think is particular hot:

super hot dress

Sexy Taiwanese Model Fei Yang presenting the latest fashion in the store.

It’s not really a schoolgirl uniform, but it’s definitely worth every mao. So if you want to buy this breathtaking piece, head over to the online shop.

So there are only two questions left ;) In case You know the correct Chinese characters for sexy Fei Yang, please leave a comment. And if You can help me set up an affiliate account with then get in contact with me through my contact page or leave a comment. I really appreciate that.

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  1. 6 Responses to “Sexy dress makes a great Christmas present”

  2. Sorry mate, I couldn’t really work out the characters either^^

    A dress is certainly a nice thing for your girlfriend, but in case of this dress, I don’t know wether there are going to be many occasions for her to wear it ;)
    So maybe you should also give her an additional gift^^

    Btw, where are you right now? And where’s ur girlfriend from?

    By Aremonus on Nov 23, 2009

  3. Hi Aremonus,

    I’m still in Germany in the last semester of my studies. After that I planned to go Asia for work, but so far there is no opportunity in sight which pays enough. (additional article on working in mainland China coming up on Tuesday)

    I guess I’ll stay in Germany for two or three years until I have solid work experience and then try again applying for a job in East Asia for solid payment.

    My friend is from Shanghai and I previously gave her a similar dress as a present. She has many opportunities to wear it when she visits me.

    By Hendrik on Nov 23, 2009

  4. “She has many opportunities to wear it when she visits me.”

    lolol ok, go ahead :D

    What level of salary do you expect from a Job in China? In Japan, Singapore or Hongkong it shouldn’t be as difficult to get a German-leveld salary.

    By Aremonus on Nov 23, 2009

  5. It’s difficult to name an absolute number for a salary, because different places have different taxes and a nice apartment in HK has a totally different price tag than in Chengdu.

    So my totally salary would be like Tax + Insurances + a normal life including okay apartment and eating out and drinking a beer once in a while (not frugal, not lavish) + getting rid of my student loan within 12 months (preferably within 8 months).

    Your last sentence is interesting. German level salaries in HK and SG ;) I will discover soon.

    By Hendrik on Nov 23, 2009

  6. Well, sounds like 10.000 Yuan would be perfectly enough for you in Chengdu – that won’t be that hard to get ;)

    Anyway… if I were in your shoes, I’d work that two or three years, then take that money and invest it somewhere in China. If you manage to save, say 100.000 Euro in three years, and you invest it into a save investment in China where you get 6% p.a., you already get 5.000 Yuan a month. The other half of the pie won’t be that hard to get, no matter what work you do^^

    By Aremonus on Nov 24, 2009

  7. 10k yuan per month? With this salary I won’t be able to get rid of my student loan within 12 months, let alone 8 months.

    By Hendrik on Nov 24, 2009

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