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Rich in Hongkong

June 29, 2008 – 6:32 am

100 hong kong dollar

Hongkong is wealthy, but how much money and bling bling is there really? Today I picked up a copy of The Standard (free HK newspaper that You get on the Street in English and Chinese) and there was an article about the wealth of Hongkong.

How many…?

Ah yes, how many Millionaires are there in Hongkong?

95000 Individuals have at least US$ 1 Million*

* This means, these 95000 persons have 1 Million US Dollars, NOT counting their main residence and also not counting their cars. (Source: The Standard print version)

There are about 7 million residents in Hongkong. So about 1 in 70 persons, or about 1.4% of all Hongkongers are Millionaires. If You stay in wealthy areas, like Hongkong Island in general, the percentage should rise dramatically. So if You want to hook up with a millionaire, Hongkong is one of the places to be.

How to become a millionaire in HK? The answer is easy: Get a job here, or bring Your money from overseas. Getting a job in Hongkong should be easy if You have some background in Economics. People coming from other backgrounds of education can also seek their chances in this fast paced city. If You already have graduated from university, Your starting salary will be no less than HK$10000, but it can be quite higher. With this salary You can get started in Hongkong. Just make sure You keep educating Yourself. A firm command of English is necessary in the business world of Hongkong, some Cantonese does help as well to make Your CV more appealing to the recruiters of top companies. But let’s get back to the rich people.

The report also said,the number of millionaires has increased by 10.2 percent since 2006. And it is likely to increase in the nearby future. Stay in Hongkong, maybe You can be the next millionaire in this city of money.

At the moment of writing this article the following exchange rates exist:

1 Hong Kong dollar = 0.128 U.S. dollars

1 U.S. dollar = 7.80 Hong Kong dollars

Live exchange rate

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