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Pornography should be Legal in China – Signed!

March 5, 2010 – 5:32 pm

The blog China Divide just made a case for legalizing pornography in China: Pornography should be legal in China. Before I comment about the details I just want to add my signature. Junjie supports that case. Signed! Healthy sex life in China 加油!

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Since chairman Mao took over mainland China sex became more and more anti-harmonious. Mao prohibited men having several wifes. Yet he himself had several at the same time, but that’s probably because he was holy or whatever and he had special powers. However the ill-fated propaganda continued and continues today. The black suits of all ranks know how to have a swinging party in sleazy KTVs, yet they speak with their twisted tongue in interviews and public announcements, upholding the harmonious society. Why should anyone care?

I’ve been to China a few times and it can be really painful to talk to some people. I was in Kunming at this English corner some day and talked to this mid 20s guy. He just broke up with his girlfriend. Something was wrong with him. So I asked him if the sex was not satisfying. He said he had been with her like 10 years, but they didn’t have sex. Well, they didn’t even kiss (except on their cheeks). She told him she is not yet ready. Then some day he found out some other guy is banging her regularly. He asked her to stop it, but finally split up with her. The story was really heartbreaking.

From all I heard and experienced I have this theory, that many girls in China who do go out once in a while (read: they know something about life, yet know what the family expects) in fact have one official boyfriend. She will keep him at distance and not start anything with him, yet she will do things necessary so he stays. This guy is just for public display to show she is a traditional girl. At the same time she has fun secretly with all the other guys.

If your brain gets brainwashed with CCTV every day, then there is no wonder this crap happens. Watch some random Chinese soap opera. It’s not romantic. It’s totally over the top. If those guys watched some porn in their youth instead they would actually know what is life about. You can’t blame them.

This being said I agree with China Divide. Educate the masses. Let them watch porn! Would make a real harmonious society with a healthy sex life in China.

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  1. 8 Responses to “Pornography should be Legal in China – Signed!”

  2. If those guys watched some porn in their youth instead they would actually know what is life about.

    I had to laugh at this. Seriously, porn is not what life is all about. I’m sick of porn for a long time. Porn doesn’t do any good, especially to the youth. Saw a documentary about some kids in Berlin, how they start to have sex very early, because porn is free online or on every cell phone in school. They develop sexually, but lack behind emotionally. They think real sex is what they see in porn movies. That’s bull. Porn movies are repetitive and boring. In porn sex is more like a sport, the bigger the better, the longer the better, the more orgasms, the better. Of course most of it is faked. Having said that, I agree that porn shouldn’t be banned. Because banned things are always most interesting. It should be allowed, but there should be an open discussion about pros (if there are any) and cons. Chinese society seriously has issues with sex, that’s for sure, but I don’t see porn as something that will suddenly make Chinese people sexually open and liberated. Doesn’t work that easy.

    I agree with many things you wrote, especially when you say “Healthy sex life in China 加油!” I sign that, too. But porn won’t bring a healthy sex life, IMHO. I’m more for an open discussion about how relationships should be, the story you use to highlight an issue shows the problem between what young people want and what the parents expect, a generational gap and I think it’s not about sex, the least porn.

    Well, I wonder what others say. I guess you have a different relation to porn, but I just don’t watch it anymore, for a long while. I’m not saying that’s the right way. If others do, so be it. I just doubt porn has good effects on a society as a whole.

    By MKL on Mar 5, 2010

  3. Hi MKL,

    I agree, that sentence was a little over the top. But what is the reality in China currently? Chinese people feel uneasy to talk about sex and sexual things. As they don’t know what is a proper attitude toward these things, they just throw out insults. Remember Zhang ZiYi? I’m sure you read all those remarks when she went to the beach with her Israeli boyfriend. She was wearing a bikini, not naked. Yet the Chinese internet scene was outraged.

    Zhou Xun was rewarded with some really unhealthy remarks in the Chinese internet for her appearing in the movie Confucius. She didn’t get that much as Zhang ZiYi, yet it was to much for my heart.

    Chinese highly censored media builds up a picture where the woman is a untouched princess and the man is a white knight in a shiny armor coming to rescue her. This is not reality. And if reality was like this, I’d move to Antarctica and live alone for the rest of my life.

    The result of Chinese media and propaganda is a society of liars. People lie to themselves about their own sexuality. They lie to each other to safe face. They deny their own desires. That’s borderline crappy.

    Maybe pornography in China won’t make their sex life healthy. But it will clean their heads and put things into perspective. They won’t get excited anymore if some Chinese women goes to the beach with a Westerner and this woman doesn’t need to suffer the remarks of her own people anymore. That would be an improvement.

    By Hendrik on Mar 5, 2010

  4. Porn isn’t helpful. But brothels should be legalized, and professionalized. They might even run a bang-her-right training center, associated with the place. Licensed by the ministry of health.
    For everyone’s better healthy.

    By justrecently on Mar 5, 2010

  5. bang-her-right training center, haha, you made my day! Okay I’m off to enjoy some cocktails.

    By Hendrik on Mar 5, 2010

  6. I agree with you completely about the way sex is dealt with in China. That definitely needs to change for their own sake. They need something like 1968 was in the West, I mean the sexual revolution part. Although other aspects of 1968 wouldn’t harm :)

    You like to go over the top sometimes, ah? :)

    By MKL on Mar 6, 2010

  7. Yeah, something like a sexual revolution would be nice. In fact a lot has changed already and I think this is a big achievement already. It’s in the best interest of the people.

    How is it in Taiwan? I know the movies of Taiwan are more salacious. In a mainland movie a couple rarely kisses, but in Taiwanese movies they do. I was kind of confused when I read the article about people rarely having sex in Taiwan, which you linked on your blog. Do couples hold hands on the street during the day? Do couples kiss when they meet somewhere in public? Like a hello-kiss.

    As long as I can keep my audience entertained I will go on with my style.

    By Hendrik on Mar 6, 2010

  8. In Taiwan, couples hold hands, but they don’t kiss in public. Public display of affection is not accepted here, although I see sometimes some young people showing their affection, but that’s rather an exception. People, especially older ones (50+) don’t talk about sex and they expect their daughters to be virgins until they marry. Of course that’s extremely rarely the case. Young people are more open, but still far from what you see in the West. Taiwan is still a conservative and traditional country. And I still have a lot of things to figure out :)

    By MKL on Mar 7, 2010

  9. Thanks for the info. I guess sooner or later I can read more about it on your blog.

    By Hendrik on Mar 7, 2010

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