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Police leisure resort club Kunming

May 28, 2008 – 11:27 am

When You are in China, once in a while You see some odd thing. If You have stayed a while in Kunming, You might have seen, or heard one of those oddities, that just make You wonder. Maybe You heard the car that sings the Happy Birthday song all the time. You don’t believe that? Then get ready for this:

The secret Kunming police golf resort

Although a well kept secret, the obvious evidence can’t escape the sharp eyes of the lurkers, waiting to finally see the truth. So, what is the truth? Kunming spends millions and billions into the leisure and entertainment of its policemen. Incredible activities for guys in uniforms are available, should they have he feeling that hunting bad guys is to stressful. Last night I finally caught on celluloid what I witnessed before, but could not photograph before. This time I was fast enough and my subject was also a little slow, making this possible. Unfortunately this is only the tip of the iceberg,it opens more questions, than it answers, but it is a start: The Police Golf Cab

kunming police golf cab

This police car must be used to traverse the distances between the unpleasant areas of roughs on a golf course. Police men can use it to be driven from their club house to the shooting range or to the 5 star swimming pool. The usefulness is only limited by one’s creativity. Now some of You might ask: Where is that mysterious golf course? Honestly, I have no clue, but that question is just out of the limits of an ordinary guy like me. Currently I’m trying to infiltrate the police and then use this cool gizmo (golf cab) myself. Then a lot of things remain unclear. Several questions need investigation and research by professional scientists by using sheer brain power.

  1. Is the police golf resort mens only?
  2. And in case yes, is there a womens Barbie car in pink?
  3. Is the police golf cab according to environmental standards?
  4. Is it better to sit on the front seat or back seat?
  5. How many golf balls are lost by the police ever year?

Obviously, further investigation is needed. But I think it’s a good start to reveal these kind of mysteries to bystanders and people from all over the world. Then it will take a long time and hard research to get more facts on the table. Results are not expected before the end of this year. In the meanwhile I recommend You to drink a free beer.

Update, June 18th 2008:

Traces have been lost on this study until today, when suddenly I received a mysterious email from one of my secret informants. Of course it’s not possible to give away their unknown contact information to You, but one of them sent me more striking evidence. He or she shot an invaluable picture nearby the main railway station of Kunming (which is in the South). I don’t can or want to hold it back, so here it is:

secret service entertainment

One police golf club leisure cars has been seen nearby the Kunming main railway station during the daylight.

What can we see on this photo?

Obviously this model is a bit smaller than the other one before. However it is manned by several policemen. One of them gives my agent a deadly look. I hope nothing bad happened to him for bringing this material to the uninformed public. This car has dirty wheels, I’m pretty sure it’s just coming back from the huge golf course that is suspected to be somewhere on the Eastern side of Kunming, when I take into account all the latest rumors and information that I picked up in the dark alleys.

One thing confused me. I was in the countryside of Yunnan, namely in Xuan Wei, but no trace of policeman spending their freetime there. Is this a Kunming only phenomena?

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  1. 3 Responses to “Police leisure resort club Kunming”

  2. Geez. And only last year, the prime minister complained about too many golf resorts, eating up badly needed farmland. Anyway, the police golf cart doesn’t look NEW. My theory is that they have turned the golf course back into farmland, and the car is now used for duty.
    It’s only May, and this is the result of my resarch already. Now I’m waiting for my free beer. San Miguel, please.

    By justrecently on May 31, 2008

  3. Wise thoughts man.
    Unfortunately I cannot research that any longer, as I have moved to HK now. If You can find a clue to what is happening there I will be more than happy.

    San Miguel? Never heard that one. Where can I buy this kind of beer? I could get You a Qingdao or Heineken. But then I haven’t really checked out what is available here in HK really. Maybe I should write a beer report.

    By Hendrik on Jun 5, 2008

  4. San Miguel is available all over HK. Try any source from ParknShop to Wellcome. Enjoy.

    By justrecently on Jun 6, 2008

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