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On-Demand Interpreters in Kunming

June 18, 2008 – 12:07 pm

Recently there was an interview about On Demand Interpreting in China on, the website for life and party in Kunming. Greg Sinclair, who is a major player in the interpreting industry answered some questions, however the last question he didn’t really answer. But it doesn’t matter. Greg I’m gonna get this one down for You.

A friend of me is working in an interpreting company in Kunming. She is basically sitting at the phone, and sometimes some customer calls and she has to translate from English to Chinese and vice versa.

So the last question in Greg’s interview is:

What is the strangest or most memorable call ChinaONEcall has received?

Greg tells something about someone organising a surprise party for his mom. BORING!

So here are two stories I got from my Kunming Lady, and these two are by far more interesting.

Your Peace is to expensive

My interpreter Lady received a call late at night. She was asked to help with some negotiations about drugs. The caller, an US native wanted to buy some Peace (marijuana) and got into the fight with the seller, because he thought it was to expensive. So he called the translation service. The convo was probably like this:

How much is this shit?

1000 Kuai a gram, bro

Damn shit, that’s way to much. Give me 10 gramms, 500yuan a gram and add in some of these fancy pills. By the way do You have some LSD. I want my life to be more colourful.

Can You pull that in Chinese? I still can’t, hopefully I can in some years.

How much for this hoe?

The other interesting call was, when yet another US native called the translation service during the late night. Do You see a pattern here? The call in question was directly from a Kunming brothel. He had problems telling the mama-san what kind of girl he wanted and also about the pricing model. The translations service, he thought, was a good address to help him out. Smart guy, they are all locals and know the local prices. The convo was probably like this:

Do You have one who is into Roleplay? I want to be a baby and can she be my mom?

Maybe he should have learned some Chinese or he should have tried some easier spots to pick up women. Probably he just was into hot looking professionals, who do all the crazy shit. (Nothing against some kinkiness. Play always should be fun)

Next time Greg, please, share some more interesting stories.

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  1. 2 Responses to “On-Demand Interpreters in Kunming”

  2. These guys should learn the local language if they want to stay over there for more than a week. No words mentioned above will be taught in school though.

    By ChineseSession on Jul 14, 2008

  3. I agree with You, first You have to get the basics down, before You touch the more interesting parts of the language, especially street language. However at some point You do want to learn some slang. I feel a slang word or two once in a while make conversations fun and bring new motivation.

    We are all humans, some of us go to China for business, but when work is over we have freetime. While the majority, including me, is not so much in drugs and other low behaviour, slang words are a good addition for any beer bar conversation. Bring on the fun!

    By Hendrik on Jul 15, 2008

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