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Obama visits Asia

November 14, 2009 – 5:09 pm

My favorite hero of modern day, Barack Obama, president of the United States, finally makes a grand Asia tour in November 2009 and visits several power-hungry uprising nations. Here is Obama’s rough schedule:

  • 13. November: Tokyo, Japan
  • 14. November: Tokyo, Japan
  • 15. November: Singapore, Singapore
  • 16. November: Shanghai, China
  • 17. November: Beijing, China
  • 18. November: Beijing, China
  • 19. November: Seoul, South Korea

Besides his long term mission world peace, Obama will talk about a number of questions. I also want to give an overview about these.

US – China trade deficit

China exports much more goods to the USA than vice versa, therefore much more cash is flowing from the USA to China. The money is literally leaving the USA and the value of the dollar declines. While this shouldn’t be a problem for China it still is, because the USA is the main buyer of Chinese products. Furthermore China has huge money reserves in $US, therefore they are interested in a strong US-Dollar. Obama will try to solve this issue with Chinese leaders. Possible solutions include USA geting their household right and China. China on the other hand has to give up on the restrictions regarding its currency the Chinese yuan. The RMB is not freely convertible or tradeable and is subject to strict governmental controls, makeing exports from China to the world cheaper than they really are. The US – Chinese trade deficit is a serious problem for both nations and I’m sure Obama will spend a lot of time talking about this with Hu Jintao.

Looking for new allies

For a long time several countries of East Asia wanted to create an economical alliance, however they couldn’t agree on the terms. Especially Japan was leaning to the USA and keeping distance from China. But times change quickly and Japan is more and more accepting that USA is no longer the center of the world. It is clear that Asia will be the world-shaping global force at some point in the next few decades and an exclusive economical alliance within Asia is only the next logical step. Barack Obama wants to make sure, that the USA is not left behind in this restructuring process.

Human Rights

As part of his world peace task, Obama wants to promote human rights once again. With the influence of the USA fading and other problems on top I doubt his words about this will any weight, except if he can present some logical reasons. While it is clear that solid human rights are necessary for economic excellence, it is not clear why China with it’s economic growth should care about them. The growth keeps the people happy for now and ensures the top position of the party.

Afghanistan strategy, Iran, North Korea


Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan enjoy a walk in the sun. Picture: Wikipedia

When the Afghanistan war started I could read in the newspapers, it will be only for a few years until the NATO-troops move out again. The Afghanistan war started on October 7. 2001, lasting more then 8 years and still going on without an end coming into sight. Obama wants to exchange views with Asian leaders on Afghanistan, but also North Korea and Iran.

Good luck!

Barack, Obama, I wish you a great journey and good luck on your Asia tour. I guess all the political interested readers of my blog will also follow the events on TV and newspapers and also I’m looking forward for the outcome, however I doubt we will see any real surprises.

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  1. 4 Responses to “Obama visits Asia”

  2. I’m following his Asia tour, too. Finally an American president, who’s more respected outside USA than at home. That’s rare. But he was elected in the worst times possible. Then again, there was no better alternative.

    By MKL on Nov 14, 2009

  3. Hello Nino,

    When I thought about who is following Obama closely as well, you were one of the first persons who came to my mind :)

    tough times for a president. Obama can really show what he is able to do now.

    By Hendrik on Nov 14, 2009

  4. I don’t really trust Obama yet, but the man will earn my respect if he really manages to address to the most important economical problems in the usa within the next few years.

    The only problem about the current situation is, that neither the USA nor China really have the need to change it. If the US-Dollar deappreciates further, Americans are going to buy more products at home and more American products can be sold abroad, so it’s good for the rich and powerful in the States. China is facing the same situation: with a deappreciating Dollar, the Yuan also gets cheaper (as it’s bound to the Dollar) and Chinese economy grows, keeping people quiet (but unfortunately also poor).

    Anyway, I hope that Chinese leaders don’t always want to let their country work for the USA literally for free and are going to solve this problem by giving more freedom to the yuan. The stimulus package was a step in the right direction. What a pitty, that one third of the 400 Billion Euro landed in the pockets of the 40 richest Chinese :D

    BTW, Junjie, this is one of your best posts so far ;)

    By Aremonus on Nov 16, 2009

  5. A deappreciating dollar (new word learned) is only useful, as longs as the USA can sell their products for US-Dollars. If trade is done in a different currency the USA can close their doors.

    Sadam Hussein wanted to sell his Oil in Euros, therefore the USA bombed his country.

    Just a few days ago I read in the news, that the Chinese per capita GDP in 2008 was $US 6000. That’s quite a lot for a country where most people are farmers. Quiet but poor? Yes and no. There are so many topics to write about.. maybe in another post.

    Chinese leaders making their people work for free? Yes and No. Yes, they work for really low salaries at the moment. But no, that is not their long term strategy. They want to rise into the world’s top tier nations.

    The bottom line for me is, the USA has a bigger problem at the moment than China and if the USA doesn’t make an effort, they might be left behind.

    Nice to have you back here Aremonus and thanks for the flowers :) I’ve recently decided, that I want to have a mix of thoughtful posts on the one hand and lightweight stuff on the other hand. So there is something for everyone :D

    By Hendrik on Nov 16, 2009

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