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Liu Mengjun 刘梦君

November 9, 2009 – 12:51 am

As my graduation comes nearer and nearer and I have to make the decision to either stay in Europe or go to East-Asia. To add an argument for the Eastside I was looking around and found the nice pictures of Liu Mengjun 刘梦君 (liú mèng jūn), who is a seductive Chinese model. She has a blog on Sina, however no new posts appeared for half a year. Obviously she makes more money with modeling than writing a blog. Smart girl!

liumengjun car mechanic

Forgot to buy a car insurance? Liu Mengjun repairing her car. Picture taken from Liu Mengjun’s blog. Check it out!

Liu Mengjun comments her own picture: “在开始的几年里,我几乎把所有的精力都投入到工作中,因为我自信” – “During the first years I practically put all the energy I had into work, because I had confidence (in what I do).” Awesome attitude!

Liu Mengjun is born in 1987年1月8日, so she should be 22 years by now. She seems to come from Anhui 安徽 province, at least she graduated from Anhui Art College (安徽艺术学院). But what’s more important is, she is not only cute, but also sexy. She made a few sets of pictures you can find on the internet. Her haircut stands out, it is way more open minded and makes clear this seductive lady knows what she wants. She has also posed in a few classic dresses, check it out:

Liu Mengjun posing in a catsuit

Liu Mengjun knows how to dress sexy. Picture taken from Check out the full set there!

liumengjun schoolgirl

Liu Mengjun went to school as well, because she knows brains are sexy. Picture taken from Check out the full set there!

liumengjun nurse

Have you taken your medicine? Chinese model Liu Mengjun working as a sexy nurse in a hospital. Picture taken from Check out the full set there!

This post is a first in a series to give more reasons, why learning Chinese is so important and why East Asia is a great place to live. But I don’t want to limit myself to the Chinese females. Hotties from Japan, Korea and other areas will get their well deserved space as well.

Rapidshare also offers a larger set of Liu Mengjun pictures
If You search the net, you can get more results using her name in Chinese characters 刘梦君

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    By kozen on Nov 9, 2009

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    By Hendrik on Nov 9, 2009

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    By Boris on Nov 10, 2009

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