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Learn Chinese with Peggy

January 3, 2011 – 10:25 pm

Bored with your Chinese textbook? I can feel with you. Reading text means struggle. It’s better to just sit there an listen. If you feel the same, I want to recommend you a youtube channel with lot’s of lessens for beginners and lower intermdiate Chinese learners. Check out Peggy Teaches Chinese.

Peggy is from Taiwan and has created this wonderful channel with numerous lessons. Beginning with saying “Hello” until intermediate topics, like how to get a room on a hotel. I really like the lessons, because their quality is quite high and can be easily be understood (no nasty background noise). Also the videos are quite fun, because Peggy has a lot of energy and the videos are recorded at authentic places. The hotel lesson seems to be recorded in a real hotel, at least some part of it. Furthermore, all important information is displayed in the video subtitles.

Peggy talks pretty standard, but she does have a slight Taiwan accent. A few words are Taiwan specific, but these are so few it doesn’t really matter. And for some people a Chinese lesson straight from Taiwan might just be perfect. There is also a PeggyTeachesChinese Website. There is a little additional content on the website and if you like Peggy’s Chinese tutoring videos you might think about booking her as a teacher. Just check her website. Finally I want to mention, Peggy has really good looks. Even if you don’t want to learn Chinese, you still might be interested.

If you want to learn some Chinese right now, no matter your current Chinese level, head to Peggy Teaches Chinese on youtube right now and select a suitable video lesson.

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  1. 12 Responses to “Learn Chinese with Peggy”

  2. Oh dear, I still prefer my books or at least teachers I can face in reality :)

    By Aremonus on Jan 3, 2011

  3. For me it’s mostly textbook as well. However, after reading my textbook 2 hours straight, I do enjoy half an hour simple videos to relax.

    By Hendrik on Jan 3, 2011

  4. I checked her videos last year. She’s pretty good. But I rather learn in real with my girlfriend :) Ps: I like the Taiwanese Mandarin, in fact I’ll try to get a Taipei accent ;)

    By My Kafkaesque life on Jan 4, 2011

  5. does learning from your girlfriend work out for you? My gf and I don’t keep up studying Chinese for more than 10 minutes usually, then we do something else :P

    By Aremonus on Jan 4, 2011

  6. i am a language learner too, having a teachers who can face in reality is the best way to learn, if with this condition.
    @My Kafkaesque life:
    i have to admit that peggy is good at english and chinese,but only taiwanese mandarin. Trying to get a taipei accent is not good in my opinion. taipei only stands for Tai wan province, it’s more wiser to get a beijing accent or mainland simplified chinese accent which stands for China.

    By peter jiang on Jan 5, 2011

  7. Hi Peter,
    Thanks for your advice, but MKL will move to Taiwan soon, so he’s definitely looking for a Taiwan accent.
    Beijing people also use to much erhua, it’s also not that standard. The most standard Chinese I’ve heard so far was from a woman from Harbin.

    Anyways, a slight accent adds personality, doesn’t it?

    please share all the details ;)

    By Hendrik on Jan 5, 2011

  8. @junjie:
    i agree that the guys from harbin speak standard chinese better, relatively which are close to the announcer in cctv who speak the most standard chinese.
    frankly, with which kind of accent is not very important~
    the purpose of learning a language is just to communicate, even though maybe with some grammar mistake or accent problem etc, it doesn’t matter only if you can understand each other.
    unless you want to be annoucer or moderator…

    By peter jiang on Jan 6, 2011

  9. I’ve learned my Chinese mainly in Chengdu, so I’ve got a slight Sichuan accent. So far, I’ve only got positive reactions for that. And I also prefer Sichuan over Beijing, mainly because of the climate but also because I like the food there.

    Why is it wiser to get a non-taiwanese accent?

    As a foreigner, I’ll probably always have a foreign accent anyway unless I really dedicate my life to learning Chinese and don’t see Chinese just as a mean to communicate :)

    By Aremonus on Jan 7, 2011

  10. @Aremonus:
    it’s natural with a foreign accent. you know, DA Shan,a canadaian, speaks very perfect chinese,absolutely the the NO.1 in all foreigners in China. since i was a boy,maybe over 15 years ago, he came to China to perform comic dialog with China’s famous artists. But we can still find that he is with some foreign accent, even thogh only a little.

    Why is it wiser to get a non-taiwanese accent?
    maybe it’s a aggressive,extreme speaking, Taiwanese must be not happy when they see this^_^

    Absolutely taiwan belongs to China.
    China has over 14billion population, only 2000,0 thousand are taiwanese, the most majority are from mainland, hu bei province, si chuan provicne ,bei jing ,shang hai etc are all mainland….

    just in the standings of mainland chinese guy, so i said this. if i am taiwanese, maybe won’t ^_^

    By peter jiang on Jan 7, 2011

  11. Peggy is, umm… distracting?

    By justrecently on Jan 8, 2011

  12. 起來!不願做奴隸的人們!


    By Johannes on Jan 25, 2011

  13. @Peter Jiang: You have probably never been to Taiwan, right? I think you messed up the numbers a little :)

    I think it’s always good to learn the accent of the area you live in. Would be a bit funny for me to go for job interviews in Taipei with a Beijing or Shanghai accent. And who knows, if they would understand me. I also hope to learn some basic Taiwanese (Minnan), I think that’ll give me some discounts at the local night markets :P

    By My Kafkaesque life on Feb 1, 2011

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