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Our national anthem

July 11, 2010 – 12:33 pm

Do you know your country’s national anthem by heart? I don’t.

Yesterday evening some friends an me were watching the world cup game for 3rd place, Germany against Uruguay. And of course, like before all games, a band plays the national anthem and many of the football players sing along. Also singing along were most of my friends in front of the TV. And at moments like these I think if I should learn our German national anthem. But why should I? What makes Germany so special that it deserves to be praised with a song?

Germany is just one company amongst many. And I pay money to get a service. I can pay 1 Dollar to get a bottle of Evian water, but I wouldn’t learn the Evian commercials by heart. For 100000 Dollars I could buy a nice Mercedes, but I wouldn’t learn their jingle by heart. For Germany I will pay a lot of money in form of taxes. It’s just another transaction between me and some company. I pay taxes and they allow me to use their roads, their police protects me etc.

Next time in front of TV, I most probably still won’t be able to sing our national anthem. What do you think about this?

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  1. 6 Responses to “Our national anthem”

  2. Most people see their homecoutry more than just a company, they see it as home, as a place of their roots and where their ancestors lived and died. In my case, I’m not so rooted in Slovenia, but I know our anthem by heart, cuz it’s only one verse, which we usually learn in school. our most fasmous poet wrote it, so it’s something you remember as a kid.

    Generally speaking I don’t like when big countries (and small ones sometimes, too) use football to cater to their nationalistic feelings, that’s especially obvious when Germany and England play or Slovenia and Croatia. We should just take it as a game and congratulate the winner, respect the loser and move on. But there’s so much trashtalk before and after the game, it really annoys me sometimes.

    So, Junjie, have you painted your face black, red, gold these days? ;)

    By My Kafkaesque life on Jul 11, 2010

  3. You said, you ‘will’ pay taxes: that means you probably didn’t pay any (substantial amount) yet. So there is no customer – company relationship, I guess. Moreover, you enjoyed free eduction for about 20 years. In most other countries in the world, this kind of “world-class” eduction might cost you a huge amount of $$$ – I reckon it is at least $500,000 if you wouldn’t go to a private school. You also have social security and receive welfare if you need it. I assume this is something to be proud about your country.

    On the other hand, I don’t think anyone ‘has’ to learn the anthem if he/she doesn’t want to. Germany is some kind of (social) democracy in the end. So your choice not to do anything is a totally valid option.

    I never really intentionally learnt the anthem. I just know it because I am good at remembering things – even though my tones are far off. One could say the same about my Mando pronunciation, but I always get my 金汤力 :)

    By kozen on Jul 12, 2010

  4. Yes, I’m a little rootless. All my grandparents come from places which don’t exist politically any more. I was raised with a different dialect from everyone else in my hometown. In fact I don’t understand a lot of the older people there. Might be a reason for my attitude towards this.

    No painted hair or face, no flags. Just a bottle of beer and friends.

    Yes, so far I haven’t payed much tax, but the chances are high I will pay some taxes soon. The reason why Germany is the way it is, is because of its people. The anthem should emphasise this much more.

    Nationality is a game of luck. Some get German, some get Chinese. It’s like a lottery. If I won the lottery I would be happy, but not proud. Luck is only fair for the winner.

    By Hendrik on Jul 13, 2010

  5. I am Swiss and don’t know the Swiss national anthem totally, yet I know the German one entierly (it’s just too easy). Of most countries, I just know the melody (and the russian one is my favorite). But I also don’t really see why I should care more about Switzerland than other nations. I take responsibility for the society I live in – no matter whether this is Switzerland, America or China.
    That’s why I support Ius Soli – it’s ridiculous that you can be born and grow up in a country and still be a foreinger at the age of 20.

    Currently, I really like Switzerland and the USA, because I believe in Freedom, Democracy and Federalism. Maybe that’s because I am born here… although I think it’s because I don’t like anyone to tell me what I should be doing (which might also be because I am Swiss…)

    By Aremonus on Jul 16, 2010

  6. you are an idiot

    By El Mundo on Aug 2, 2010

  7. Thanks dude

    By Hendrik on Aug 4, 2010

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