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Jukuu provides example translations

March 9, 2010 – 3:13 pm

Translation to and from Chinese can be tricky at times. Sometimes you know the translation of a word, but you don’t know how it can be placed inside a sentence. Or you have some sentence, you know the words, yet you cannot translate it in one piece. This is the moment when you need some example sentences. In fact there are several websites that provide examples, however one sticks out in a positive way. Check out

Searching for 学习 gives a lot of insight.

What you do is basically search for a single Chinese character, or word, or even longer phrase, chengyu or proverb. Then you get a list of example sentences where your searchphrase is used and appropriate translations. In fact you get a long list of translations so you can easily see how a word is used. On the right hand side jukuu provides additional information, like standard translations and a pie chart of translation frequency. Now the best part is it works the other way as well. Jukuu can also help with example translations when entering an English word or short phrase.

Together with the Wikipedia translation method this should be a good way to translate most words and sentences properly. Have fun.


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