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Info on Jiaotong Daxue in Chengdu, some words and a picture.

November 30, 2007 – 2:02 am

My Chinese class this Monday was pretty good, because we were only 2 students out of 5 there. Therefore we could learn a lot of things. Lots of dialogs and repeating. We didn’t stick to the book and had time to discuss some grammar. I’m still looking for a decent Chinese grammar book. If You know one, please write a comment. It seems to remain true, what I’ve stated earlier. While You can practice Your Chinese with friends and self-study, grammatical questions can only be answered by Your teacher in a sufficient way.

About Jiaotong Daxue in Chengdu

Here is a picture of the campus lake of Jiaotong Daxue (Campus website) in Chengdu. They have a nice Chinese learning program there for students. I took their summer course for 4 weeks. The learning speed is quite high and the teachers are motivated and helpful. Unfortunately the university is in the northern part of the city, while all the locations to go out in the evening are in the south. If have a specific question about learning Chinese in Jiaotong Daxue Chengdu, just write a comment.

Lake on the campus of Jiaotong Daxue Chengdu

New words for You

Maybe You want to know how I came up with these. My Chinese textbooks only have this typical stuff like “Introduce Yourself”, “What’s Your job”, “Where is the supermarket” so I wanted something different:

基地组织 jī dì zǔ zhī – al-Qaeda group

主持人 zhǔ chí rén – anchorperson

条码 tiáo mǎ – barcode

xuǎn měi – beauty contest

避孕套 bì yùn tào – condom

沿海城市 yán hǎi chéng shì – costal city

下载 xià zài – to download

电子商务 shāng wù diàn zǐ – e-business

火墙 huǒ qiáng – firewall

猎头 liè tóu – headhunter

Yea, I must be pretty bored to come up with such words. Anyway, learn them by heart if You want to master Chinese.

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  1. 18 Responses to “Info on Jiaotong Daxue in Chengdu, some words and a picture.”

  2. Hi, I just saw this and am wondering if you would recommend Jiaotong Daxue. I have applied for ChuanDa already, but would consider this too. Do you know who I should contact at Jiaotong, or the right website to go to? The current link doesn’t work. And how much was the course for those weeks?


    By David on Apr 24, 2008

  3. The person who processed my application is currently in Thailand. You’re right, the website is also no longer working. Can’t help You with this one at the moment. I’ll try to find out.

    Recommend… depends on what You are looking for. This university might not be for everyone, especially if You want to party once in a while, because it is in a more quite area, then it has it’s advantages, like a beautiful campus park. Shopping and eating wise there is everything around You ever need.

    The classes for the summer course are good, but then I have no real comparison. There are few to no students from Japan, so the character learning speed is fair for Western people.

    By Hendrik on Apr 27, 2008

  4. so where are most of the foreign students there from?

    By Aremonus on Jun 24, 2008

  5. When I was there mostly Westerners, from France, Germany and US.
    The upcoming winter-semester class had also people from Poland and Vietnam.

    By Hendrik on Jun 25, 2008

  6. hmm.. this is not good.. I’m afraid that with german ppl I will speak german, with french I will speak french and with american I’ll speak english, so that I won’t learn much chinese… I’d be happier if there were japanese and korean^^

    How many characters did u learn then per week? 100?

    By Aremonus on Jun 26, 2008

  7. We were introduced maybe 30 characters per week, but I myself learned maybe 3 a week. I basically went with the pinyin.

    If You can learn 100 a week, that means You could read a newspaper after 20 weeks, and literature / scientific articles after 40 weeks. 40 weeks, that’s a little more than half a year. I want to see anyone become that fluent in Chinese in such a short time. Such intelligent people would probably go to one of the expensive high end universities of the country.

    I feel most Koreans / Japanese have quite some money and will stick to the modern cities like Beijing and Shanghai. Although Chengdu is well developed compared to many other Chinese cities, outside China this is not a well known fact.

    Chengdu is quite a nice city, more modern, better than for example Kunming where I stayed this spring. Yet it has so many parks and temples, places for relaxing and laid back. It is hard to compare it with fast paced cities like Hongkong. By the way, Hongkong is a bad place for learning Mandarin, most people here speak Cantonese or English on the street. Mandarin is rare here.

    When do You want to go to Chengdu? How long do You want to stay there?
    Don’t worry, every semester there are new international students, and the mix can change often.

    By Hendrik on Jun 27, 2008

  8. Today I am heading for Chengdu, but I’ll stay there for just 6 weeks during my summerholidays to see my gf’s family and to organise the things with university – and of course to have fun^^

    I want to study in winterterm 2009, so I’ll go there in january.
    When I work hard, so every day 1.5 h, I can learn 10 characters per day what would be 70 per week – but of course I can’t remember them for very long, so I always gotta repeat them – so I learn 10 per day and reapeat another 20, that’s my 2h of daily work. Unfortunately I usually don’t keep doing that for very long, therefore I just remember something like 600 characters^^ but it’s already enough to read a lot of things.

    I don’t wanna go to Beijing or Shanghai because I don’t know anyone there and my gf’s uncle is a physicsprofessor at jiaotong uni, so I can get in there cheap and easy – but first gotta get my Matura finished. (Abitur in Germany)

    By Aremonus on Jun 27, 2008

  9. One thing I can really recommend to learn Characters, write textmessages on Your mobile phone in Chinese. It’s insane how fast You can learn. But the vocabulary You use on the phone is probably different from what You learn in Your course. I should write a blog post about that topic some time.

    You will enjoy Your time in Chengdu, it’s a great place. The summer is hot, but in the winter it can become quite cool.

    If You like to go out, there are many places to see and party. Try 美高美 and Babi-Er (don’t know the characters). Then if Your Lady is from Chengdu, she can probably show You everything. 6 weeks is probably to short for seeing the city in detail, but when You stay there for a whole semester You get Your chance. Everyone who visits Chengdu loves it. It’s a great place.

    By Hendrik on Jun 27, 2008

  10. It’s not the first time I am here, so I am not so keen on sight seeing – I am too busy playing mahjongg and eating, visiting old friends, haha

    So far I didnt achieve to learn many characters here because I am most of the time spending outside in teehouses and in my chinamum’s restaurant which is going to open in one week – u gotta visit it once u make it to chengdu again, it’s in huayang in the shuangliu district right beside the river – 熊不理 (xiongbuli) is its name :P

    maybe later I will visit some mountains or something, I don’t know yet – Babi Yi und Er is actually quite similar to european clubs, i think – so I am not really interested in it,I already have a gf :P

    What is ur favourite dish here beside huoguo? – I gotta find some new good food, several of my formerly favourite restaurants closed or changed…

    By Aremonus on Jul 6, 2008

  11. There is a whole road of good restaurants just at the North Exit (北门) of the old campus of Jiatong Daxue. There must be like 30 restaurants serving original Chinese cuisine. There is one which I like in particular. Most of the furniture is in orange colour, don’t know the name of this place. But You know, when You see it, because it looks all orange. My friends an me called it “The Orange”, although this is not the true name.

    There is also a hotel about 10 minutes by foot north of 北门. Inside is a swimming pool, which costs like 25元 entrance fee. It is not so well known, ask some people, someone might know. In the same building on another floor they have a massage. 40元 for 90 minutes I believe.

    You could also visit the clubs together with Your girlfriend. A girlfriend from Shanghai visited me during my last 2 weeks in Chengdu and we went to the 美高美 2 or 3 times for dancing. If You go there past 1am the younger kids are gone and You can dance without being interrupted by strange guys.

    I’d love to go back to Chengdu, but it won’t happen this year. I still am in contact with 3 people from Chengdu and I’d like to see them again some time.

    Do You have a blog, or plan to write one, about Your time in Chengdu? Please let me know, I’d like to follow what are Your experiences in Chengdu.

    By Hendrik on Jul 6, 2008

  12. well here i get a 70min massage for 20, sometimes 10, haha

    I dont have a blog yet, but seems to be a good idea to write one – so i get used to this chinese keyboards :P

    can u suggest a good provider?

    Btw, if u r interested, u can check out a travelling forum in germand: . It’s quite useful sometimes :P

    By Aremonus on Jul 6, 2008

  13. 70 minutes for 20 or 10元. I guess that’s hard to beat. But then Your girlfriend can give You a massage for free ;)

    This page is hosted on
    I have the “All Inkl Privat” package, which costs 5 Euro a month. The smaller package doesn’t support PHP and MYSQL which are necessary for a page like this. You need some beginner understanding of websites to make Your stuff work with such a package.

    If You want to go for something free, try or . I think blogger is not blocked in China at the moment, but You have to test that by Yourself. No web skills are required for these type of websites.

    By Hendrik on Jul 7, 2008

  14. haha, my gf is too lazy to give me a massage :P

    By Aremonus on Jul 7, 2008

  15. I couldn’t give a 90 minutes massage to my girlfriend. We just would start to fool around after 10 minutes ;)

    Once You get a blog, tell me. I’m really curious.

    By Hendrik on Jul 7, 2008

  16. How much money did u need for living (not rent or uni fee) when u were studying?

    By Aremonus on Jul 13, 2008

  17. It’s hard to write something about my budget in Chengdu, as this was more of a holiday for me. I spent money You wouldn’t spend if You live there long term. I went to fine dining restaurants in Chengdu, also used the taxi to get from the foreign students dormitory to the city centre and back.

    A bit more comparable was my stay in Kunming, where I planned to stay 7 months, but unfortunately only stayed 3. However from the first days I spend only slightly more than I earned, and that is about 2000 RMB per month. That should be equal to 200 Euro a month. Living was an extra 500 RMB in a spacious, plain shared flat, all bills included.

    By Hendrik on Jul 14, 2008

  18. Hello,

    How did you applied for Chengdu Jiaoda?
    They don’t answer my email.
    Is it too late to apply for this summer?


    By clara on May 23, 2009

  19. Hello Clara,

    It’s never to late to apply for the summercourse in Jiaotong Daxue ;) There was a person who applied when the course already started and it was no problem for her to just join us. Technically You could just show up at the main office without prior contact.

    I sent an email to You with some contact info.

    By Hendrik on May 23, 2009

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