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I can speak Chinese, at least a bit better than before

November 21, 2010 – 1:41 pm

Looking at my Chinese learning progress, I made some massive improvements. I spent a lot of time learning during the last few weeks and it seems to pay of. After graduating my head became so much clearer. I picked up my Chinese book and I’m now learning every day for several hours.

A few days ago I met a nice woman from Harbin and like magic we could converse in Chinese for the whole afternoon. No need to speak English. To be fair, I must say that Harbin people seem to speak perfect textbook putonghua, noch accent at all, which was helpful to me. Still, my vocabulary was good enough to express pretty much everything I wanted to say and I also could understand everything she said to me. And if I didn’t understand one of her words, I was able to understand her explainations in Chinese.

I’m so happy now :) Just wanted to say…. I know, a lot of self praise, but I think I can do that once in a while :D

Next step: Learn even more Chinese. Maybe in 2 or 3 years from now I can use my Mandarin Chinese for work. That would be really awesome.

My current Chinese learning routine:
Read, read and read again. I read text from my regular learning textbook and I’m re-reading my Hanyu Feng books (I need to make a separate books about these, very helpful).
Some listening to Chinese while doing other things like going for a walk or cleaning my room.
And finally a few vocab drills, but not that many. Currently I aquire new words mostly through reading.

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  1. 3 Responses to “I can speak Chinese, at least a bit better than before”

  2. Hi,

    always motivating to read about progress – my Chinese has been stagnating since I’m back from China, so not much to brag about.. but my graduation is still far away (at least one more year to go) and my head therefore not clear at all (I took the rather reckless decision to do 45 credit points this term which is why I virtually don’t have any spare time at all (except for a few minutes around midnight when I finished my work)).

    When are you leaving to HK?


    By Aremonus on Nov 24, 2010

  3. If you can get those 45 credits done, you will have quite some free time afterwards. But I do agree, I like to hear what other people do and achieve, very inspiring :)

    It’s not official until they approve my Visa.

    By Hendrik on Nov 24, 2010

  4. Hi Junjie,

    Happy to read your post and feel you are active and happy for life.

    Glad to know your love China.


    By Cindy on Dec 10, 2010

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