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Green Lake Park

May 22, 2008 – 12:10 pm

green lake

Green Lake Park in Kunming is probably the only serious park that exists here. Yes, there are others on the outskirts of the city, however Green Lake is the only one in reasonable distance from the city center. It’s really different from the nearby Chengdu. In Chinese the lake is called Cui Hu (sorry no pinyin). In the early evening the park is totally crowded however past 10 in the evening it gets better. A lot of nice tea houses can be found around the lake, perfect for a nice date in a rather quiet area of the city. Expect a standard cup of green tea to cost 30 yuan (3€) with free refill of hot water.

inside the park

There are many places to sit down in the park. Sometimes some people make music with traditional instruments. If You visit Kunming You should take a look at this park. Not far from the waters of Green Lake is Wen Lin Jie, also know as foreigners street. Although being a foreigner myself, I don’t really like to go there. To many students and English teacher/milkers. I rather recommend to go to the Hump Bar, in case You look for a bar.


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