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Find a woman in Kunming

June 13, 2008 – 8:48 am

Maybe You study in Kunming, maybe You work there. Whatever You leads You to this place, I’m sure You do not want to be lonely. Having stayed in Kunming for 3 months myself I was also looking for a someone to spend my time with. Of course You can find a nice lady anywhere in town, however some spots are better than others. Many of the places where it is easy there are a lot of Milkers.

Depending on what You are looking for here are some recommendations:

1.) The English corner

Exchanging language is a great way for cultural exchange. People from the West come here to hook up and make friends with Chinese. But don’t be blinded by the educational background of this place. English corners are a major point for hooking up. Western man often go there to find a Chinese woman. And the woman there are specifically looking for Western man. Basically this place is full of milkers.

I personally recommend the English corner which takes place every Thursday from 7pm to 10pm behind the Green Lake Hotel just next to the Green Lake. This one is the biggest and there is quite a selection of students, teachers and other women who have to learn English for their job. Most of them are not attached yet, so feel free to flirt.

At best You show up around 8pm, the place is full by that time. Talk to several people and check out which woman interests You. Then try to talk to her more privately. If everything goes right, ask her to go for a walk with You in the park (check out the park before to know where the romantic spots and quiet spots are).

2.) Wen Lin Jie

Wen Lin Jie is a street not far from Green Lake, maybe 5 minutes by foot. It’s a street with a lot of Western restaurants, at least the names are often Western. They serve some food they claim is European like, but I think it’s just bad. Apart from that a lot of Westerners, especially backpackers, hang around here. And there are also a lot of women here that just look for Westerners. Again a great spot to hook up. To give You some names to get started, check out: Halfway Housed and Speakeasy. Personally I don’t like this area of the city, but from what I heard, You can be pretty successful here.

3 .) Hump Bar

I’ve written about the Hump before, so I wont go into the details of this place. Read my article about the Hump to get the details. The open atmosphere really makes it easy to make new friends and contact new woman. Although most Chinese woman here come in groups, often with other Chinese males, it’s quite easy to make contact with them. Everyone is friendly here and You can just ask, if You can join their group. Once in a while You can find a Chinese woman who is alone here and she really just wants to be picked up. So be nice and chat her up.

4.) Chinese bars

Chinese bars are another way to find a lot of woman, however it can be quite difficult to find something there. Everyone in these bars wants to be Your friend, You are probably the only Laowai there this night, however for most of the ladies there You seem to be so out of this world. Basically You have a lot of value and they fear if You will stick around them so they are careful to hook up with You at this place. Be nice, talk nice, make friends, but don’t overact. Some place You could get started is the Ba Dian Ban Club, then any bar in Kundu is okay.

5.) Dating site

There are many dating sites to help You hook up with woman. One of the most popular methods is using AsianFriendFinder, simply because it has the most members and even in rural areas You something like a selection. You can find a lot of women there who are just looking for a man. In case You stay there only a short time, this kind of site is especially helpful to You. You can schedule dates with a hot woman before You even arrive. With a few emails You can check out if the character of the woman fits Your needs. Maybe You are looking for something long term, maybe for something short term. Most woman state in their profiles what they want, however from my own experience I can tell You, not all Woman who write they are looking for a marriage turn down other offers. If You have an interesting character then they might be up for some casual fooling around as well. If You want to plan ahead, AsianFriendFinder is the way to go.


I hope I gave You some ideas on finding a woman in Kunming. These ideas are also applicable in other Chinese cities as well. Find a woman, if You connect ask her for a number, then schedule a date. Many Chinese women in China are very open to Westerners, so if You are from somewhere outside Asia Your chances are quite well to have a great time in China. And a Chinese woman can help You with learning Chinese as well.

If You have trouble finding the English Corner at Green Lake Park, check out this KMZ file for Google Earth: green-lake-english-corner.kmz. Your best bet is to take the bus to Green Lake hotel, then look into the direction of the lake (You can’t see it at this point). a few meters to the left of You is a small allay with stairs basically going between the Green Lake Hotel facility buildings. Once arrived at the lake turn left, after 20 Meters You hit the crowd standing directly at the lake. The last time I had been there was in spring 2008, so maybe things have changed. Also check out GoKunming. Sometimes events are posted there as well.

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  2. Where exacly is this English Corner held on thursday evenings? I went looking around the Greenlake hotel and did not find anything. Is it in a restaurant? a classroom? please specify….
    thank you!

    By Louis on Feb 26, 2009

  3. Hello Louis,

    I just updated the article above and added one paragraph at the end, that should help You find the English corner.

    enjoy Your time in Kunming :)

    By Hendrik on Feb 26, 2009

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