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Fasten Your Seat Belt, if You have one

April 4, 2009 – 10:06 am

Seen on the Jet Ferry from Macao to Hong Kong: Please fasten seat belts
(If it is available on your seat)

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  1. 20 Responses to “Fasten Your Seat Belt, if You have one”

  2. hello,Junjie,
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    By Jenny on Apr 8, 2009

  3. Junjie, do you really need to learn English? ^^

    By Nino on Apr 10, 2009

  4. Sometimes it’s so funny what kind of comments I get. Jenny gave us some blatant advertising, but the errors there are so funny, so I’ll be lenient with this one.

    By Hendrik on Apr 11, 2009

  5. Haha, exactly! At least she’s so literate and good in math to add 6 and 1, hehe..

    By Nino on Apr 11, 2009

  6. Hi Junjie,

    nice blog, just found it via your signature on…
    Yes, we have the same problems with spam. We also use the math comment protection, but some of them are intelligent enough to solve that ;-)

    Cheers from Chongqing,

    By Sven - Chongqing on Apr 11, 2009

  7. Cut it OUT! Jenny is losing FACE!

    By justrecently on Apr 11, 2009

  8. I wonder if Jenny looking attractive. Maybe I should ask her for a picture ;)

    By Hendrik on Apr 13, 2009

  9. @Sven
    Hey, nice to meet u here too^^

    Just do it! Or I will, rofl

    By Aremonus on Apr 13, 2009

  10. What if Jenny is a guy? :O

    By Nino on Apr 13, 2009

  11. A picture won’t hurt. It will only clarify the situation.

    By justrecently on Apr 13, 2009

  12. How can you know Jenny will be on that picture? Spammers are getting smarter. Don’t imagine a sexy Asian girl, it’s probably a Chinese geek spamming all over the blogosphere. I get these spam-comments with links on my blog, too. But I just delete them.

    By Nino on Apr 13, 2009

  13. :( I’m sorry for the wrong thing i wrote. but … as this message makes all of you so funny, please forgive my fault. I need to say, it’s my job, and i built the website with some of my workmates. to me, it has an special meaning, and what’s more, the website is really worth reading.

    By Jenny on Apr 14, 2009

  14. Jenny, first of all, where did you get the idea Junjie has a ‘strong interest in learning English’. As far as I can see, his English is excellent. In fact, he’s learning Chinese. Second thing is your website can’t be loaded. At least not on my computer. So I wonder how to read the things on your website. You didn’t write a wrong thing. We just felt you’re one of these spammers, who just wanna promote their website rather than a real commentator. I get tons of these things on my blog, but I moderate my comments, that’s why I delete them immediately.

    By Nino on Apr 14, 2009

  15. Ok, I managed to go on Jennie’s website. If you go to the ‘About Us’ page to the ‘Contact me’ on the bottom, you find an adress in California, USA. I am really lost now. So is it Chinese or American website? Btw, they have a very professional online payment page. If you go to (Jennie’s email), it is a Chinese software development company, also doing some E-learning. It just smells fishy to me. Nothing more than spam in my view.

    By Nino on Apr 14, 2009

  16. sorry, this is my first job and i don’t do it long.our website is . it is a new project, so you can log on and trail some lessons for free.Our website server will be put on America soon, so you can use our software to learn chinese on line if you have 10K+ bandwidth.
    i think i need to improve my english, Maybe Nino can give me a hand. What’s more, if 俊杰(is that right?)has any problems in learning chinese, i’d like to help.

    By Jenny on Apr 15, 2009

  17. 俊杰不要,我要咯…我中文说的不好.我需要练习中文. :(

    By Nino on Apr 15, 2009

  18. 哈哈,你的中文很不错了也。。貌似博主迟迟没有露面啊~

    By Jenny on Apr 16, 2009

  19. 博主现在旅游,所以没时间张贴文章。
    Jenny, 我用chinesepod.com学中文,因为他们最好的。

    俊杰是我的绰号,我是德国人 ;)

    By Hendrik on Apr 17, 2009

  20. Jenny, 请叫我尼诺, 我是斯洛文尼亚人. Why Junjie? For a possible love romance with a spammer? Haha… Just kidding.

    By Nino on Apr 18, 2009

  21. How can you know Jenny will be on that picture?
    Junjie is less conservative than you, Nino. He’s already out of town.

    By justrecently on Apr 24, 2009

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