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Doors are closing here

June 18, 2017 – 4:44 pm

Hi guys, I’m not working on this page anymore, obviously. Even worse, I didn’t upgrade wordpress for a while which is a risk to any visitor, and also anyone could take over this site and place links and do stuff. Currently I’m not learning Chinese, maybe in 5 or 10 years I’ll have time to learn. I’ll close down this webspace in a few weeks, then the doors are closed.

All the best wishes to you!

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  2. Hi Hendrik,

    sorry to hear that, I always liked following your blog and it really helped me when I right started out learning Chinese.

    Hope you can still squeeze in some Chinese lessons beside work in the future – just get up 1h earlier and get an online tutor (I’m currently doing that, as I want to get HSK 5 in the end of the year).
    All the best!

    By Aremonus on Jun 26, 2017

  3. Hi Aremonus,

    nice to hear from you :) Currently, besides my software job, I spend time learning things like stock investing, real estate investing and others.

    I’m considering to start writing on Twitter, which would be more light weight and easy maintenance, but for the moment I’m not feeling like it. I have your email address and send you the link when I write.

    Chinese still is on my mind, it just doesn’t fit in at this moment.

    Good luck with HSK5 :D

    By Hendrik on Jun 26, 2017

  4. Hi,
    that’s an interesting topic too! I’m an investment banker now, so let me know if you have any questions or need some hints (guess you can see my mail address as the admin)

    By Aremonus on Jun 27, 2017

  5. Hey Hendrik,

    I’m so sorry to hear that – I remember stumbling across your site a few times during my years as a Mandarin / Cantonese tutor looking to help students locate resources / find Chinese learning advice online, there are so few people doing it, so your thoughts as a learner is so valuable!

    I’ve also started a resource for Cantonese learners, and perhaps it might not be the most appropriate to mention this at the closing of a website, but if you’re ever going back to Cantonese to refresh the basics, this might be interesting to you:

    Investing seems like a very demanding skill to learn, I have no experience in this area, and I can only imagine the amount of effort needed to reap dividends from this. I wish you the very best in your future endeavours, and I hope you’ll continue with Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) in the future.

    Have a great week! :)


    By Baggio on Jul 6, 2017

  6. Hello Baggio,

    thanks for your comment.
    Cantonese would be interesting, but it’s to much to learn alongside Mandarin.
    Keep up the work with your site :)

    By Hendrik on Jul 11, 2017

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