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CYBERsitter LLC files $US 2,200,000,000 suit against Peoples Republic of China and others

January 6, 2010 – 8:53 pm

The US company CYBERsitter LLC produces a software called Cybersitter which is supposed to protect minors from the evil of the internet. In spring 2009 the government of the Peoples Republic of China announced the introduction of Green Dam a software to protect the Chinese people from freedom and the evil of the internet. Zhengzhou Jinhui Computer System Engineering Ltd. and Beijing Dazheng Human Language Technology Academy Ltd., the companies which created the software, did evil. They stole parts of the algorithms from Cybersitter and used them in the Green Dam software. CYBERsitter LLC found out about it and asked everyone involved to stop distributing the software. Nothing happened, so CYBERsitter LLC filed a suit worth about $US 2,200,000,000 (that’s 2.2 Billion) against all involved companies and the Peoples Republic of China, which ordered the companies to develop, install, distribute and use the Green Dam software.

As a basis for calculation CYBERsitter LLC uses the price for a single copy of Cybersitter, which is worth $US 39.95. As approximately 56 million Green Dam copies were distribute in China so far, the total damage to CYBERsitter LLC is about …. well it’s $US 2.2 Billion. Sony, Lenovo, Toshiba, ACER, ASUSTeK, BenQ also have to face the charge, as they distributed Green Dam while knowing about the copyright infringements.

Green Dam software configuration screen, can even filter gay topics like outdated communist military march music.

Barack Obama must be happy now: 2.2 Billion could save some jobs in the USA, and some helpful tax-money will find its way into the desolate national budget. Let’s see what Mr. “harmonious society” Wen has to say on this matter in front of the court in Santa Barbara, California, USA.

The story was originally posted at PCMAG.

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  1. 3 Responses to “CYBERsitter LLC files $US 2,200,000,000 suit against Peoples Republic of China and others”

  2. I’m not sure wether a foreign government can be sued abroad. But the USA are the country of possibilities and so they might also “help” the Supreme People’s Court and solve its cases^^
    However, I don’t think they’re gonna win 2,2 Billion… if they’re lucky, they might get a few hundrer Million. But that’s nice money anyway^^

    By Aremonus on Jan 7, 2010

  3. I think they could do it in front of some international court. What really makes me wonder… what happens if this company really wins this trial? Even if they get a small sum like 1 Million.
    Will China really pay, or will the US government put visiting Chinese officials into prison until they pay? The what if scenario is so strange.

    By Hendrik on Jan 7, 2010

  4. Well which international court could they call on for a civil sue like this one? Moreover, international courts just approve or disapprove the national court’s verdict, they can’t sentence anyone themselves (unless it’s an international tribunal considering a war).
    If the US court is wise, they’re simply going to decline handling the process against a foreign government (they couldn’t get anything anyway) and just handle the case of the rather small chinese company sued. If this company gets sentenced, it can simply refuse payment. Then they will have to sue it in China and also right sue the Chinese government in China. Some people across the pond didn’t get to know it yet but the USA can not rule the whole world…

    However, the lecture of international law is schedueld for next term, so there are good chances that there are ways to get around normals regulations I have no idea of. Moreover, I’m not so familier with the anglosaxon law system.

    By Aremonus on Jan 7, 2010

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