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Collect all Hello Kitty Messengers in July

July 30, 2008 – 1:08 pm

Just today I recognized, there are new Hello Kitty Dolls for collection at MC Donalds Hong Kong with each menu. 2 weeks ago my coworkers and me agreed: Who goes to MC Donald first is a loser. This was fine with me…. until I saw the Hello Kitty. I just had to get one!

I went for the green psycho looking Kitty. Even the cup features Hello Kitty. Awesome!

All 16 collectible Hello Kitty Dolls, these are labelled Hello Kitty Messengers.

As I’m not that crazy about MC D’s I will only get those Kittys that interest me most. Namely the Schoolgirl Kitty wearing the short skirt in the top row, left side. Then I will get the almost white innocent looking one, and one of the pinkish Kittys. Maybe one or two others for friends :-) I think these are great items to bring as a present. These are just as Asian as Asia can be and are the most original presents You can bring home from Asia among green tea, other green specialities and fake products.

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