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November 18, 2007 – 2:19 pm

As some of You might know I’ve been to China this summer, and I also visited Chongqing. Here are some impressions of this city.

sha ping ba

Shapingba Shopping Centre – What do You want to buy today? Take it literally, because if money is in Your pocket You can probably buy anything here.

This picture was made in Sha Ping Ba, which is a suburb of Chonging. Shapingba is quite nice. Better than Chongqing downtown to be honest. There’s quite a huge shopping center including a Ajisen Ramen shop. If You ever happen to come to Asia You must try Ajisen Ramen. Great food!


There is a lot of construction going on in this town. If You look at the area of Chongqing through Google Earth, You will see a totally outdated picture. This construction site is just over the river from Chongqing downtown. Throughout the city there’s heavy construction going on. There city is very hilly. That makes construction difficult and expensive. Taxis are cheap, however the bus system cannot compare to Chengdu. A mass transit system is being built at the moment.

  • Line 1 from Chaotianmen west to Shapingba. 22.41 km. Opens in 2011. An extension to University Town will be opend in 2013.
  • Line 2 from downtown Chongqing to Dadukou district. 19.15 km. Is already opened. An extension to Ba’nan is under construction.
  • Line 3 from the northern part to the southern part of the city connecting the parts divided by the rivers. It will open 2010. An extension to the airport in the north is planned.

Old part of Chongqing at riverside

This is an old part of Chongqing near the river. This part is restored, it’s not original, however it looks like the original. Very nice place. The gondola over the river is nearby.

chongqing riverside downtown

After taking the gondola over the river, You will have a nice view at the riverside and downtown buildings of Chongqing.

What can You do in Chongqing? Party, shopping, KTV is on the list. A nice spot are the two rivers: Yangtze and Jialing river. Especially the place where they meet. The rivers flow mightily. You can really see the forces of the water. Especially of the wild Yangze. Jialing is bit more peaceful. You can take a boat tour there, too. The boat tours are quite long: 2.5 hours. So we didn’t take it. Chongqing is the home of huǒ guō – Hotpot , so don’t miss it.

It’s quite easy to get lost in this city, because there are so many people. The public transport is a mess at the moment. Maybe not the best town in China at the moment. I wouldn’t want to stay there long time. A short visit is good to see the huge city.

Many people on a street in shapingba

Downtown scene, a construction hole for the subway can be seen on the left.

If You want to see this city, organize a tour guide first. Or better directly head somewhere else, for example to Chengdu or Kunming.

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