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Chinese Football Babes from Sina

June 13, 2010 – 2:57 pm

Chinese Football Babes are all the rage right now. has an adorable collection, also is working hard to win our hearts by increasing exposed skin surface. Originally I saw the sexy Football Babes Collection on MKL, after that several other blogs followed and reported about these attractive Chinese Cheerleaders as well. So I feel I could get more hits to my blog with the naked babes the group pressure is up and I also have to throw in my vote about the Chinese Football Babes. Today I award points to the Chinese Football Babes from Fengniao and others might follow soon.

Place 1: 林柯彤 representing 意大利
Is 林柯彤 there to support the Italian team or to distract them? Pigtails for the win. Lin Ke Tong definitely earned her first place.

Place 2: 王贝迪 representing 乌拉圭
For not having that infantile Hello Kitty smile 王贝迪 wins place #2. Despite being quite attractive, Wang Bei Di didn’t help Uruguay get a single goal against France last Friday. Cheer harder :P

Place 3: 邓伊桃 representing 阿根廷
邓伊桃’s legs are as long as 阿根廷 stretches along Southern America. Deng Yi Tao’s dark painted fingernails definitely win my heart and a third place.

Place 4: 黄蔼妍 representing 喀麦隆
A wild haircut saves 黄蔼妍 the fourth place. By selecting clothes better Huang Ai Yan could have done way better. Cameroon’s flag has three colors, not one.

Place 5: 段潇洁 representing 葡萄牙
段潇洁 offers 175cm of classic Chinese beauty. Can Cheerleader Duan Xiao Jie help Portugal win the Football Cup?

Credit: Sina’s collection of Chinese Football Babes. Check out all the hotties there. Each team has one.

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  1. 3 Responses to “Chinese Football Babes from Sina”

  2. OMG. I don’t want to say anything derogatory about any of these models, but 林柯彤 representing 意大利 wouldn’t be my choice for place one.
    She wouldn’t be my choice for anything, to be frank.

    By justrecently on Jun 13, 2010

  3. The beautiful thing about taste is, that everyone’s taste is different. So we won’t make a fight about who get’s which girl.

    By Hendrik on Jun 13, 2010

  4. Not about 林柯彤, anyway.

    By justrecently on Jun 13, 2010

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