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China wants to rescue Europe and Chinese learners may profit

September 15, 2011 – 2:59 pm


Yesterday we heard it again in the news. China is ready to give cheap money to Europe. That’s not new. Previously China has offered a helping hand to Euroland with its debt crisis and I think that’s a ongoing topic whenever Chinese and European leaders meet.

The money doesn’t come for free of course. China wants to have unrestricted access to the European markets. Less trade barriers when selling products to Europe and less paperwork when Chinese companies want to establish a presence in Europe. While I do like less paperwork in general, I’m not sure if less trade barriers will be helpful for Europe. Cheap Chinese products mean lower prices in our shops, but also more competition for low wage countries in southern and eastern Europe. Essentially Europe gets money but has to give up competitiveness.

But there is also some candy in the store for learners of Chinese. China wants Europe to reduce paperwork for Chinese companies and help them to establish themselves in Europe. More Chinese companies in Europe mean two things. First more jobs in general. Second a unique opportunity for learners of Chinese, because these Chinese companies are Chinese companies, and their management probably will be Chinese. And who else could be a better choice than a European with Chinese skills to make sure communication between Chinese managers and European employees is smooth?

Sure they could send some Chinese persons who have learned English. However not everyone in Europe speaks English and when it comes to the more obscure languages of Europe I doubt China has enough people with those language skills.

If you are a Chinese learner this move will probably increase the value of your language skills. If you aren’t learning Chinese already, this might be a good idea to get started learning Chinese.

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  2. I guess China doesn’t have much choice – if it doesn’t help Europe, it will go on investing in the US-Dollars (thus the USA with their twin deficit) and destroy its assets. Moreover, the EU is China’s biggest export market – when Europe is in trouble, China is, too. So the European leader should keep in mind that they’re at least on par in negotiations…

    However, I do like the idea of opening Europe up towards China. I don’t understand why unqualified European workers should earn tens of times more than Chinese white collar workers – and why European consumers have to pay much more for the very same product than Chinese ones. There’s a lot of space for improvement.

    The problem with big Chinese companies is that they’re usually state owned and therefore don’t only pursue economic interests, but also the interests of the CPC. So you never know when China also listens if you use a Chinese software, for instance.
    If the US-government checks most information in the internet and the German government is allowed by law to install trojans on citizen’s computers, why should the Chinese government refrain from such practices?

    By Aremonus on Sep 15, 2011

  3. Chinese companies don’t care about foreigners who can speak Chinese. When they come to your country, they will hire Chinese people, or hire expats from China.

    Moreover, as soon as China starts “helping” Europe with cash, China will consider itself in a big brother/little brother relationship. In other words, one of you will be the butch, and the other will be the bitch. And Europe won’t be the butch.

    By Harland on Sep 16, 2011

  4. Aremonus,
    yes, China is depending on Europe. That should provide some leverage.

    European workers earn this much,because they earn this much, because they earn this much.
    Not sure at what you are pointing at….

    I don’t care to much, as long as my personal financial situation is well.

    By Hendrik on Sep 16, 2011

  5. I wanted to point out that perhaps, it won’t be all that bad if Europe has to finally admit that China is a market economy – and therefore abandon many protectionist measures. Because currently, the EU is the “evil” force that is ditching WTO regulations by claiming that China was still a planned economy. The loserse are ordinary people in both, Europe and China: having two undemocratic governments quarelling (EU vs. China) is still better for citizens than living under one undemocratic government (EU).

    And I of course also wanted to point out that the price for this – a more balanced income situation between Europe and China – won’t even be a problem, but rather a benefit for our world.

    By Aremonus on Sep 16, 2011

  6. I agree that if this happened more and more China’s products will be release out in the market. Things about China’s products that is imprinted in my mind are it’s cheaper, low quality, and most of them are imitations.

    By Maddie on Sep 21, 2011

  7. I don’t think the Chinese want to be the low quality workshop forever. I can see a transition towards higher quality. However, it may take a few decades until all Chinese industries adopt high standards.

    By Hendrik on Sep 21, 2011

  8. You says,
    “More Chinese companies in Europe mean two things. First more jobs in general. Second a unique opportunity for learners of Chinese, because these Chinese companies are Chinese companies, and their management probably will be Chinese.”
    I guess language play a major rule in here and it would be a great barrier.

    By Kariesha on Sep 29, 2011

  9. When Chinese companies come to Europe, there are two levels that we can look at.

    First there is the majority of workers and they will probably all be speaking a local European language. Anyone can profit of these new job opportunities.

    The second thing is, the management. And here I do see opportunities specifically for learners of Chinese. The management might be able to speak English, or maybe it cannot. Maybe the Management can speak English, but it cannot speak Italian or Portuguese.

    Languages are barriers, but there are a lot of barriers in this world and we just have to overcome them.

    By Hendrik on Sep 29, 2011

  10. Somehow I feel this would not be good for Taiwan. Chinese money support means European democracies throw their ideals out of the window and our small ilha formosa and its democracy and freedoms can be thrown to the pigs. And not only that: Let’s also look past the human rights abuse in China and all the other unpleasant things… let’s smile to the cameras and give the commies free propaganda. We’re in such a bad shape, that we beg dictatorships to bail us out. We’ve really come so far, since the EU was founded (shakes head…)

    By My Kafkaesque life on Oct 6, 2011

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