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China – A Private Members Only Club

July 26, 2008 – 6:28 am

I want to begin this article with a short quote of myself:

Maybe the Chinese just don’t want to tell anyone what’s going on inside the country.

Just 3 days have passed since I wrote this (see here, last paragraph). Yesterday I watched the news and what happened? Tada, it happened again! Journalists got their asses kicked for taking videos and images, but let’s start with the beginning of another sad story about the Chinese policy.

Some years ago, the Chinese applied for hosting the Summer Olympics. Some nice day they got approved, and now in Summer 2008 it is their great time to show the world how international, open and friendly they are. Things didn’t go well so far, foreigners got kicked out of the country, their health standards are still questionable, their pollution is incredible, human rights there are questionable as well and other things could be a bit better.

Yesterday was the day when a lot of the last available tickets were sold to the public in Beijing, a lot of people were fighting for them. However the police didn’t or couldn’t stop them. Their main concern was the media taking pictures…. and made themselves into fools.

Now everyone can see the stupidity of the Chinese police, uncensored and worldwide. The journalists have been beaten, their equipment has been broken just because they peacefully took some pictures and videos. Then I’m a strong believer in learning. It might take a while, maybe more incidents, but finally China’s government and their police will learn how to act. The Summer Olympics 2008 are more of a Chinese Olympics, foreigners seem to be more and more unwanted, they might even be seen as disturbance. But then I have to say, that Chinese people in general are nice and friendly. Just the Chinese government should go back to school. They should have a look at the freedom that is available in Hong Kong.

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