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Chengdu nightlife

January 15, 2008 – 12:06 am

So now You hang around in Chengdu and You have no clue what to do in the evening? Let’s have a tour to the destinations Chengdu has to offer. Before You head into nightlife You should eat something in one of the many restaurants this city has to offer. Then You can head to the southern part of the city where the nightlife has it’s hotspots.

One drawback of the nightlife being focused in the south is, that in case You live in the northern part You have to make a long trip by taxi each time. There is one club in the center of the city in walking distance from Tianfu square. This club is one of the oldest if not the oldest club in Chengdu. It’s called 美高美 měi gāo měi. Although it’s a little hidden You can recognize it from it’s large windmill made of neon lights.

mgm chengdu

This is MGM Chengdu. You could take a bus to either Tianfu square or YanShiKou and then walk the last 100 meters to get there. Weekdays it empties around 1 o’clock. At Friday and Saturdays there is a crowd until well past 2 o’clock. They feature nice Techno and hard House music.

Another good idea is to check out the clubs in the south. My favorite is the Babi club. There are two Babi Clubs: Babi Yi (Babi One) which features more soft music a little hip hop and latino (I’ve been there only once). The other is the Babi Er (Babi Two) which I really like. They have great house music. The crowd there is always happy, super friendly and if You chat them up, they are happy to invite You to get drunk. See an inside picture of Babi 2 Club Chengdu :

babi two chengdu club house and techno music

In the road where there is the Babi Club You will also find more clubs like the 他和她 (tā hé tā – He and She). I don’t like Ta he Ta because they try to maintain some atmosphere of exclusivity. However it just feels cold in there. In the same street is another cool club called “Sucre” or “Sugar Club”. I’m not sure about the exact name, but if You make it to the Babi2 it’s only 2 minutes away by foot.

If You belong to the more relaxed crowd then You might enjoy the hemp bar which is a major hangout for Westeners.

Lately a lot of new clubs opened in Chengdu, but my stay was to short to check em all out. Just make sure You don’t live too far in the north if You like to party a lot. The girls in these clubs are easy going and often speak some level of English. The exception is the Mei Gao Mei which has mainly local visitors and only few English speaking guests. Maybe You can hook up with a Chinese woman in these places to improve Your Chinese.

I wish You a great stay in Chengdu.

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  1. 9 Responses to “Chengdu nightlife”

  2. Looks like some really good swinging places. I’m actually planning on traveling to Asia in the next few years, so this is good information for me.

    By Chris on Jan 15, 2008

  3. Is-it noisy inside?

    By Chinese on Jan 16, 2008

  4. Thanx for Your comments

    Yes, it’s a little noisy inside, but that’s ok for dancing.
    Babi2 Club has some areas in the front and in the back outside the building for relaxing. There it’s relatively quite.
    MGM consists of a main loud dancing area, but also features a nice lounge with background music.

    Except for a few winter months it’s very warm outside, even during the night. You can always go outside to relax and enjoy the beauty of the city lights. There is no need to be afraid of catching a cold.

    By Hendrik on Jan 16, 2008

  5. yes i’m agree with your all points,

    but since you have posted this blog now alot of places have been changed as BABI 1 Fashion KAKA Du have been shut down,

    now these days the hottest places is A+, 88 bar, and New Opening of Castle club, for the foreigner the best place is to hang out is Carol bar at NO.11 section 4 Renmin Nan Lu

    well there is alot of new place but to know more about here i will recoming

    this community provide the good information also you can coomunicate with the local people and foreigners who are living or working in chengdu



    By sazneev on Jan 25, 2009

  6. Hello sanzeev,

    Thanks a lot for Your update.

    There must be a lot of changes in Chengdu. I heard of A+ just a few days before I left Chengdu and didn’t have a chance to visit it. Also I heard about Carols, but my friends told me it’s boring. Only later I heard that it must be a really cool place. Shame on my friends! Next time I’ll definitely hang out at Carols in Chengdu.

    Sad to hear some of the great party places in Chengdu have been shut down, but I guess there are more offers than demand.

    I wish all my readers to have a wonderful party in Chengdu!

    By Hendrik on Jan 26, 2009

  7. Hello, does anyone can update the latest best clubs in town? I am mostly up for discos where locals are hanging out. thanks- silvio

    By silvio on Dec 19, 2009

  8. Hello Silvio,

    I haven’t been in Chengdu for a long time, so I can’t update on the hottest clubs in Chengdu. However I have heard, that the vibrant Chengdu becomes better and better constantly. My best guess ist head to Babi I or Babi II and ask some of the folks there what other places they recommend.

    MGM is one of the few locals only places. On many days you will be the only foreigner there if you go there.

    By Hendrik on Dec 19, 2009

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