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BlackBerry Chinese Input Method Support

November 14, 2008 – 12:21 am

At some days I really hate the ignorance that comes along my way. Today’s protagonist of discomfort: The BlackBerry Chinese Input Method Support doesn’t exist… luckily I can use Google and luckily there are some hackers out there that helped pave the way to enjoy Chinese on my BlackBerry Curve 8310. Today’s article will answer some serious issue many BlackBerry owners face:

So how do I get the Chinese Input on my BlackBerry working?

Or in particular: How do I install a Chinese Input Method on my BlackBerry? How can I read Chinese on my BlackBerry? It’s a quite easy process, once You know how to install the right things on Your BlackBerry to make the Chinese characters work. Here is a step by step approach using a Windows desktop:

Preparation Step (optional, only if necessary): If there is existent data, like emails, contacts, etc. and You want to keep these, You have to backup it in some way. See Your BlackBerry manual for Backup.

  1. Uninstall any previous BlackBerry device software. Go to the Control Panel and then go to Add/Remove Programs. There You can find any previously installed device softwares. Don’t confuse the device software with the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
  2. Download the latest BlackBerry OS for Your specific BlackBerry model from this site (I chose the south east Asian version, You can choose the language on step 2 on the BlackBerry website):
  3. Install the files You just downloaded
  4. Make sure Your BlackBerry device is connected to Your desktop PC and the BlackBerry Desktop Manager is NOT running.
  5. Go to the folder of Your BlackBerry device software loader:
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader
    There You can find a file named VENDOR.XML. Rename it or delete it.
  6. Open a console window and go to the BlackBerry folder by entering:
    cd C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\
  7. enter:
    Loader.exe /nojvm
    This should start the installation routine.
  8. After a short while You see a window where You can choose what to install. See picture below.
  9. Finish Your installation. The first reboot after installing the new OS software on Your BlackBerry might take half an hour, so You better drink some tea meanwhile

selection screen including the chinese input method option

If You reach this screen, You almost made it. Pinyin and other input methods! Don’t forget to install the necessary fonts as well.

So why do customers always take these steps on their own, why don’t they ship all languages by default. It can’t be a question of memory space today. It must be some dark conspiracy against Chinese learners like me. I hope this article helps You to install Chinese language support on Your BlackBerry device as well. Enjoy! This reminds me to write an article how to get Chinese input on a Sony Ericsson device – a problem I faced last year. And it also reminds me of the whole Chinese DVD story I encountered in Hong Kong

If You just want to read Chinese, without any input, You could try this BlackBerry Chinese character pack:

Last words: This HowTo is a result of a lot of googleing, reading several resources and testing myself. Many people have tried it and it worked for them (see comments as well). However I cannot give You any guarantees of course. Anything You do is Your own responsibility. Big thanks to my readers as well, they have written great comments with helpful knowledge on this matter.

info on BlackBerry Storm
There is no device software for the BlackBerry Storm with Chinese at this moment. It has been asked countless times so far, read the comments please. Frank suggested in the comments to use some 3rd Party solution, if You are up for an adventure ;)

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  1. 139 Responses to “BlackBerry Chinese Input Method Support”

  2. You are fantastic for posting this. excellent

    By das on Nov 15, 2008

  3. ok, made me wanna buy a blackberry now^^
    But I’ll wait until the touchscreen version is sold here on continental europe

    By Aremonus on Nov 19, 2008

  4. The BlackBerry is quite a nice device. In particular I like the long battery life, so I can listen to Chinese while on the train, going shopping etc.

    Also the camera is quite nice. I think the 2 megapixels on my BlackBerry 8310 is almost as good as my previous 3 megapixels Sony Ericsson simply because the camera is of better quality. Only the long exposure mode for night pictures was better on the Sony Ericsson, doesn’t exist on the BlackBerry.

    And it’s so nice to write text on the BlackBerry, therefore it is also quite big in Your pocket. Seems like everything comes at a cost. Don’t know about the new touchscreen model.

    By Hendrik on Nov 20, 2008

  5. hello, I appreciate very much your article about how to install chinese into blackberry.
    I live france and i want to buy a blackberry Bold soon, I would like to be able to read chinese so I have to just download the pack you have given here above…but how do I install the pack into the blackberry? I am sorry as I am not good at all in hi-tech products nor in IT, so….
    Please help.
    Thank you so much!

    By vivi on Dec 2, 2008

  6. Hello Vivi

    Your BlackBerry comes with a CD which includes all the tools You need to install software on Your BlackBerry. Even if You get a BlackBerry without CD, maybe when You buy it from ebay, You can download the tools from the BlackBerry website, so don’t worry.

    If You just want to read and not write, You can download the font pack from above, that should be enough. If You want to read and write You just download an OS Version with Chinese support from the BlackBerry Website as described above and install it.

    That’s all. Maybe some of Your tech savvy friends can help You.

    By Hendrik on Dec 3, 2008

  7. Thank you so much Junjie,
    I am making the choice between Blackberry Bold and Blackberry Storm….I will make my decision and get my blackberry in one week.
    I will try to install it by myself according to your instruction, and I will let you know if everything goes fine…! Thank you again!


    By vivi on Dec 3, 2008

  8. Hey Vivi

    I’m glad that I can help You. The BlackBerry Storm received a lot of negative critics. I heard especially writing text with the Storm is painful because it is so slow. Before You buy it make sure You can write a text in the shop on the Storm to see if it is okay for You.

    Maybe You also want to have a look at the new Curve 8900. It’s quite similar to a BlackBerry Bold only more elegant and a bit smaller.

    By Hendrik on Dec 3, 2008

  9. Oh ..Thank you for these suggestions !! I will take note and make my decision carefully.
    Thank you again, you are so nice !!


    By vivi on Dec 4, 2008

  10. I will have my Bold tomorrow and I will try to download the chinese font into it, hope everything will be fine.

    By vivi on Dec 8, 2008

  11. Dear Junjie,

    It works !!! Thank you very much !!!


    By vivi on Dec 11, 2008

  12. Very happy to hear that. Enjoy!

    By Hendrik on Dec 13, 2008

  13. Hi Junjie,

    Check with you, if i just need to view chinese character which version of software i need to download? (option 1 or option 2)? Other than what you have posted any other way to just install the language pack rather than reinstall the OS?

    1. BlackBerry Handheld Software v4.1.0.528 (Multilanguage)
    2. BlackBerry Handheld Software v4.2.2.370 (Chinese)


    BH Yeo

    By yeo on Dec 16, 2008

  14. Hello Yeo,

    If You just want to read Chinese characters, You just install the font I linked to at the end of my article. No need to touch the OS in that case.

    If You want to write, I guess there is no other way, then going for a new OS. I’m using multi language, but looking at the OS versions You have v4.1.0.528 (Multilanguage) or v4.2.2.370 (Chinese), the second one looks better in terms of features. Newer version -> more features. Try v4.2.2.370 (Chinese) first, as it is a newer version, if it doesn’t work, try the multi language.

    From a technical point of view (I’m working in IT), I feel it should be possible without a new OS, but my guess is that regulations and economic reasons lead to the current situation we have. If they ship Chinese worldwide, they need support personnel that can help those customers that have problems with their Chinese OS. We’re talking about hiring at least 1 Chinese speaking person in every major mobile phone shop. Who’s going to pay that? rather loose 1000 customers across the country, instead of hiring 100 new employees. So every regional version of the OS has only the languages it needs to limit problems once they occur.

    By Hendrik on Dec 16, 2008

  15. Hi there, will the suggestion that you mentioned work for Storm? I couldn’t find an OS4.7 that supports chinese input. Please let me know. Thanks!

    By Jack on Dec 18, 2008

  16. As far as I know the Storm is sold in Hong Kong with Chinese support, so there must be a BlackBerry OS Version with Chinese support for the BlackBerry Storm. I just checked on the Device Software downloadpage:
    Seems like OS 4.7 for the Storm is not yet available anywhere (checked the major Asian carriers). Keep an eye on that site and check the major carriers regularly.

    By Hendrik on Dec 18, 2008

  17. Hi Junjie,

    First of all, Happy New Year from New Jersey.

    I just got my Blackberry Curve 8310 today and am glad to have found your post. I will install the DVD which came with the device shortly; however, prior to do so, I would like to ask you a question off your initial instruction. Of the steps provided, will I be able to use Pinyin method to input Traditional / Complicated Chinese instead of Simplied Chinese as MicroSoft’s inputting method 3.0 allows?

    Your advice is greatly appreciated.


    By Patricia on Jan 4, 2009

  18. Hello Patricia

    I only have simplified Chinese here, because I only need that. Make sure You check everything necessary for traditional during installation.

    As far as I know there is only pinyin-input for simplified Chinese.
    For traditional Chinese You have to use CangJie-input, or if You choose a more modern OS version Jyutping-input. We still have to wait for pinyin for traditional.

    Displaying traditional Chinese on a properly set-up BlackBerry should work anytime.

    By Hendrik on Jan 4, 2009

  19. Hi Junjie,

    How do i install the chinese fonts pack into blackberry storm?

    By jon on Jan 5, 2009

  20. Hello Jon,

    Just follow the instructions in the article. I don’t know if there is a version for the BlackBerry Storm available already, but guess so. Download an OS 4.7 or better from CSL or any other Asian carrier and You should be ready to go to read Chinese on Your BlackBerry Storm

    By Hendrik on Jan 5, 2009

  21. Hi Junjie,

    Thanks for your explanations. But i’m still nowhere in installing the fonts pack(for just viewing in BB). I checked the site from HK and there’s no OS 4.7 for storm yet. I presumed you’re not talking about the desktop software 4.7(which i’ve it).

    By jon on Jan 6, 2009

  22. Hi Junjie,

    I’ve installed the chinese fonts pack into the storm and it can read chinese characters and there’re still some funny characters in some chinese words. I guess i’ll have to wait till there’s a newer OS for chinese support.

    By jon on Jan 6, 2009

  23. i bought my storm in the netherlands, and with the CD in the pack i only got 5 european languages.
    i checked your link above but could not find the OS4.7 as well. I believe the OS i got now in my storm is already 4.7 but still do not have the options to select chinese fonts for reading and input. pls help.

    By Antony on Jan 6, 2009

  24. You are a legend for posting something this good!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!

    By andy on Jan 9, 2009

  25. Hi Junjie,

    You are the hero of our fellows BlackBerry users.

    I purchased the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 smartphone in USA from T-Mobile.

    Of course, the CD doesn’t include Chinese input method, so I googled around and found your article.

    I went to the Software Download from Hong Kong CSL Limited.

    I chose my device model (Pearl Flip 8220) and the only software package shown below:

    Downloading BlackBerry Handheld Software v4.6.0.337 (EastAsia)

    Will this above package include the Chinese input method (read and write)?

    Do I still have to go through the procedures:

    (1) Delete the VENDOR.XML. Rename it or delete it.
    (2) Open a console window and go to the BlackBerry folder by entering:
    cd C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\
    (3) Enter: Loader.exe /nojvm

    Thank you so very much.

    By Allen on Jan 13, 2009

  26. Hi Allen,

    If I could, I would guarantee You that it works, but I can’t do that. The HowTo is a result of a lot of googleing, putting together information from several source, and testing it myself on a BlackBerry Curve 8310.

    However, many people did this on various devices, so I think it should also work on Your specific BlackBerry, in this case a PearlFlip 8220. Device Software with the addition EastAsia sounds very good. You could try leaving out steps and do Your own testing, but the way described above has been the best proven way so far on a widest range of BlackBerry devices.

    I wish You luck to enjoy Chinese on Your BlackBerry, ask if You have questions and please post Your results if You decide to do it, so other people in the future know whether it works or not. Have a wonderful day!

    By Hendrik on Jan 13, 2009

  27. Thank you very much.

    By young on Jan 14, 2009

  28. Hi, Junjie, thanks a lot for the post. I tried it on my Blackberry 8700g, US model, but it is not working.

    Following the link you provided, I downloaded and installed 8700EastAsia_PBr4.5.0_rel62_PL2.7.0.61_A4.5.0.44_CSL, following the procedure you described. After launching apploader, however, the pop-up window is grey and only has the text that reads “Blackberry Desktop Software can’t find the BlackBerry Device Software for your device. Please contact the wireless provider or system administrator.” I also tried to click the apploader program directly, and it only brings up a list of programs I already have on my device, with no options for any languages at all. Any suggestions to overcome the problem?

    Thanks very much,


    By Leon on Jan 29, 2009

  29. Hello Leon,

    I’m sorry to hear it didn’t work out as expected for You and Your BlackBerry. Maybe You try to repeat every step again. As already said above the major steps are: Uninstall old device software, install new device software, rename vendor.xml and then manually start the apploader. The rest of the installation routine should be easy then. Good luck!

    By Hendrik on Jan 30, 2009

  30. I am living in Shanghai and am using the Blackberry Storm. I would love to be able to input Chinese characters. With OS installed, I can read characters fine. I tried your method several times but it will not work with the Storm OS. If anyone has any ideas or places to go for software to input Chinese characters on the Storm, I would greatly appreciate it.

    By Frank on Feb 13, 2009

  31. Hello Frank,

    I’m sorry, the Storm has no Chinese input at the moment. We are all hoping RIM releases a OS for the BlackBerry Storm which has Chinese input support. The BlackBerry Storm is the only model without Chinese input at the moment.

    By Hendrik on Feb 13, 2009

  32. Hey, I am actually currently located in Beijing China. While back in the states I unlocked my blackberry pearl 8100 so I could use it for calling and SMS. I installed one of the east asian and was only able to read chinese but have no option for selecting an input method for pinying.

    I tried to download another OS but as i am now in china i cant download from blackberry. “We apologize but your IP comes from a country which does not permit downloading of our software. For further information or assistance, please contact”

    any ideas on how i can download from china? I tried proxy’s but wouldu get errors from blackberry about not being able to do it.

    I saw in previous the mention of installing the chiense. I know with most phonese in china you can change the whole OS to english and still have the benifits of chinese inputs. Is this how the blackberry Chinese OS will work?

    FRANK – how were you able to download from blackberry while you were in shanghai?


    By Ian on Feb 22, 2009

  33. Ian- I see your problem. I was able to use our company’s Singapore server in order to download. I highly recommend that you visit a cell phone dealer that sells Blackberrys in Beijing. There is one in Shanghai and can load the software for about 100 RMB. BTW I visited one yesterday and was told that chinese inputs for the Storm will be out any week now, so I’m hanging in there until it comes out.

    By Frank on Feb 23, 2009

  34. Frank, that’s right. You can use a VPN, if You have one at hand. Lucky You :)

    Ian, You could ask a good friend outside China to download the correct software for You and send it by email. Or, as Frank suggested, just go to a shop and ask them to do it for You.

    Regarding Storm and Chinese input….
    I’m a BlackBerry Software developer myself (3rd Party, not RIM) and kind of stay up to date of what’s going with the BlackBerrys. Everyone hopes the Chinese input is out any day for the BlackBerry Storm, however we had this hope months ago already and nothing happened. Yes it could be there next week, but it could be there in 6 months. No official news about that at the moment.

    By Hendrik on Feb 23, 2009

  35. Frank, thanks for the suggestion. I did a search on the web for file i needed and a chinese form came up. Only thing i could read just by skimming and looking for the download link was VPN. I tried a VPN but the download rate slowly dropped to nothing. so that option didn’t work, but that may just be a particular case for me. But for everyone else I would suggest it because it worked other than having high speeds

    Junjie, I ended up having a a friend download the Chinese, EastAsian and Multi-language. He zipped it and posted it on his website for me. I tried chinese but didn’t gain access to inputs, i tried multi language but it was only western languages, I finally tried EastAsian and was successful. this OS was also more up to date than mine so i now have a prettier interface too.

    thanks for everyones help

    Also, I found a way to unlock a blackberry 8000-9000 series phone for free. It requires a PC, the whole process that Junjie blogged about, also you must plug your phone into the computer for it to unlock it. So you cant just be sent a code and input it you must physically run the Application while your blackberry is connected. The program you will need is called an MFI multiloader (search a torrent site for it).

    By Ian on Feb 25, 2009

  36. Hey Ian,

    I’m happy that it worked out finally for You. Also thanks for the info about this MFI thing to unlock the BlackBerry. Some reader might be interested.

    By Hendrik on Feb 25, 2009

  37. How can I get chinese BoPoMoFo input method? I download the one for 8220 Pearl Flip the latest version from ur link, but it doesn’t show the option for BoPoMoFo like ur picture does, where can I download this input method?

    By Tim on Feb 26, 2009

  38. Hello Tim,

    it might be an device specific issue. I never bothered about bopomofo. Maybe You can try some other east asian device softwares from other carriers?

    By Hendrik on Feb 26, 2009

  39. Thx, I try to download the one from Taiwan, but will this affect any of my mobile service?, becuz I m in Canada using the Rogers.

    By Tim on Feb 27, 2009

  40. Hello Tim,

    A few carriers add special software specific to themselves, typically this is something like a program to open the carriers homepage in one click or a carrier specific chat program. But all the normal things like phone, email, textmessage,… should work with any carriers device software. If it doesn’t, You still can go back to Your Rogers device software. It’s just software, You can’t do any harm to the device itself. Just make sure You did a backup copy of existing emails, sms, memos, … basically anything that You created by Yourself or was sent to You by anyone, if You still need these things.

    By Hendrik on Feb 27, 2009

  41. For my Blackberry 8700g, cangjie input method replaced by the 5-strike input method in device software v4.5.

    How can I get back the cangjie input method?
    Can’t flash back to older version of rom, and no option for cangjie input method I can choose.

    Please advise,thanks.

    By lwolf on Mar 4, 2009

  42. Straight forward instruction, installed on the Pearl 8120 and Curve 8320. Both phones work fine with input and display Chinese characters. Installed ISkoot, berrymail-QQ08, sukodu, EQO for QQ, Yahoo one Search, Superpages Mobile, Opera mini, Google Mobile App on both phones. All Apps work great.

    By 万强 on Mar 4, 2009

  43. Junjie- I just contacted a Blackberry seller in Shanghai and was told that the Chinese input software for the Blackberry Storm is now available. I’m going to assume that this is a third party type since I still have not heard anything from BB about a software release. I’ll have it installed next week and will let you know how it works.

    By Frank on Mar 9, 2009

  44. Hey Frank,

    Hopefully this 3rdParty stuff is reliable. Thanks for checking out :)

    By Hendrik on Mar 9, 2009

  45. Hello Junjie, I have a Blackberry Bold 9000 and I am having trouble installing the new OS, i followed the instructions, up to the part where im supposed to open a console an type the path to the file with the Loader, then nothing… Cant get past that stage. I want to be able to read and write simplified chinese, please help!

    By jorge on Mar 17, 2009

  46. Hi Jorge,

    A number of things could go wrong. These should be the most obvious ones:
    - You have a Windows which is not English, in this case the correct directory is specific to Your language.
    - You have an English Windows, but the program was installed somewhere else on purpose. This happens often, when You have more than one harddisk. You have to search it manually then and enter the right path.
    - You don’t have administrator rights and are not allowed, for whatever reason, to open the directory/program. In this case log in as Administrator, or ask the person who set up the computer for You.
    - A combination of the above issues ;)

    By Hendrik on Mar 17, 2009

  47. Hi.
    Maybe this is a stupid question, but how do you open console window?
    I recently bought Storm and really need to have Chinese and Korean support on my Storm. (At least dispalying)
    Can someboady out there help me with this (dumb) question?

    Thanks in advance!

    By Christina on Mar 20, 2009

  48. Hi Christina

    On a windows PC, click:
    Start -> Run….
    A new window will open. There type:
    press enter, a new window will appear.

    If You are totally new to the command window, watch this comprehensive video tutorial on youtube (includes how to open):

    By Hendrik on Mar 21, 2009

  49. Hi Junjie,
    Thanks so much for your reply.
    I managed to install chinese and korean! and it works!!! :)
    Thanks, thanks!
    however, when I changed my keyboard type to Korean, I cannot return to English keyboard at all…
    Checked on Language option but it only shows Korean keyboard available!
    Would you know what is cozing this prob?


    By Christina on Mar 22, 2009

  50. Hey Christina,

    I don’t know how You ended up with this interesting behaviour of Your device, but if nothing works, You can just install a western version of the BlackBerry OS, to return to the original state. Just follow the steps above in the article, but use a Western OS, instead of the Asian one. You could also try another version of an Asian OS. Maybe from a different carrier and different OS version (higher should be better). Maybe that helps as well.

    By Hendrik on Mar 22, 2009

  51. Hey Junjie,

    I saw on blackberry website that Hong Kong CLS carries OS Storm v4.0.109 (EastAsia) however, when I couldn’t seem to be able to see any Chinese input after I installed it. Have you tried it?


    By Jason on Mar 24, 2009

  52. Hello Jason,

    there is no BlackBerry Storm input method at the moment, read comments above, there are several BB Storm comments now. Frank has an alternative solution, if You are up for an adventure ;)

    By Hendrik on Mar 24, 2009

  53. Dear Junjie,

    I am using 8900 and initially had the OS with Chinese character recognition and input method, cant remember which. I did not have any DocToGo, BB Messenger, BB Maps and few other applications.

    For those missing applications, I found them in v4.6.1.168 downloaded off but I did not realize that it did not have Chinese recognition and input…My phone couldn’t read and write Chinese after installing it.

    So I tried downloading East Asian version OS found in many Blackberry provider links but it says that I am not allowed to download from my IP address… What could be the problem…??

    I tried your net_rim_font_chinese link and it works… now the problem is… how to get the Chinese character input up and running again….?

    Best regards,


    By Willy on Mar 27, 2009

  54. Hey Jason- I have a BB storm and have been searching for some time to have Chinse input on it. I live in Shanghai. The other day I got real close. There is a BB supplier in Shanghai who told me the input software finally arrived. When I contacted him to schedule a visit, he first got nervous and told me this would be the first time he installed it. Then after asking me my model number, he claimed it would only work on the Storm 9500 (Europe) instead of my 9530 (U.S.). Actually I think it was his fear of the reliability of the software which precluded the transaction. I’m still searching and will let you know when I find something.

    By Frank on Mar 27, 2009

  55. Hi Frank,

    For Chinse input software I want you to look us at there are steps mentioned for this.

    By Blackberry Storm Apps on Apr 8, 2009

  56. Thanks for the suggestion. However the suggestion was regarding the BB 8830 and the suggestion was written around Sept. ’08. I have a BB Storm/9530 which was introduced around December ’08.

    I often search a few times a week on the web and in Shanghai, but to date I have not yet found Chinese input software for the Storm. To confess, I have given up for now and since I need the Chinese input, I recently purchased the BB 8300 in Shanghai. It had the Chinese input software already installed and works extremely well.

    By Frank on Apr 22, 2009

  57. Dear Junjie,
    Glad to see your post and knowing that’s the pandemic of Blackberry with no chinese character support is being experienced not only by me. Haha. Really helpful indeed, mind if I link your blog? ^^

    Dear Frank,
    I’m experiencing the same frustration of not being able to read/write chinese in storm. So, just something to share, I am now located in Singapore and today I have just contacted my service provider and they clearly said that there’s still no chinese support for blackberry storm 9500. T.T


    By selvy on May 11, 2009

  58. there’s chinese support for storm now..but somehow it doesn’t really work. It have no chinese input and it still display funny characters in some chinese words.

    By jon on May 12, 2009

  59. Hello Jon,

    Thanks for Your comment.
    I don’t have a BlackBerry Storm at my hands, so I can’t confirm that at the moment.
    If anyone knows how to get a proper working Chinese support for the Storm, I’d be happy to hear about that.

    By Hendrik on May 12, 2009

  60. Selvy, Jon- I have a BB 9530 that I purchased in the U.S. Selvy, you have a 9500 Europe version. A while ago I contacted BB and was told to download OS I am not sure about the subtle differences between the 9530 and 9500, but I can read Chinese characters. I still cannot input them. Last month I broke down and purchased an 8300 in Shanghai with the characters installed.

    A very small ray of hope- the BB dealer in Shanghai sells the 9500 Storm with Chinese input installed. He told me that the sofware however is still instable and would not install it on my 9530. I am sure that Junjie would agree that unless BB Storm sales in China pick up, we’ll have to rely on 3rd party manufacturers. I’m guessing we’re still looking at another 6 months before this is a reality. BTW, they sell the new BB Bold in Taiwan with Chinese characters although it’s traditional and not simplified.

    I will let you know as soon as I find a stable 3rd party manufacturer for the Storm 9500 and 9530.

    By Frank on May 13, 2009

  61. Frank & Jon -
    I have installed the most recent OS I can find in the link that Junjie provided up there and have successfully read chinese with no funny character at all. But still can not input chinese anyway.

    Frank, do you have the contact of that Shanghai BB dealer? My CFO is going to China around next week, might as well ask him to go to the shop. In desperate need of Storm 9500 chinese input, will be waiting for your news…

    Junjie –
    You’re my hero. The link you provided really works, I can read chinese already. Thanks loads! :D

    By selvy on May 13, 2009

  62. Selvy- The dealer is located near Babeiban on the Pudong side of Shanghai. You may want to send an e-mail to the dealer- You will have to give your phone to the dealer since he installs it from his laptop to your phone. The dealer does not speak English.

    By Frank on May 18, 2009

  63. Frank – Thanks loads, I will recommend it to my CFO! ;)

    By selvy on May 20, 2009

  64. Will this installation affect my unlock blackberry 8220 device in such way the unlock phone no longer unlock and/or reset all of my settings ?


    By AmigoHui on Jun 2, 2009

  65. Hello AmigoHui,

    Your BlackBerry will still be unlocked, as the procedure described above is basically the way to unlock a BlackBerry.

    However Your current Settings, Documents, Emails, SMSs, Contacts, Tasks, Notes, Pictures, MP3s, … will be lost. Make a backup before You start!

    By Hendrik on Jun 2, 2009

  66. Hi, Thanks for posting this; it’s fantastic. I did have a question though. This install acts like a language packet on browsers right? That is you can toggle between English and Chinese. Or does it affect the phone so that its default read is Chinese? Also, do you know how texting works? Will you be able to change back and forth between English and Chinese? Thanks!

    By Abner on Jun 6, 2009

  67. Hello Abner

    If You just install the BlackBerry Chinese character pack
    net_rim_font_chinese (linked in the article), then it is like a language pack in a browser.

    However, if You do want to have Chinese character input, You need a program to write the Chinese characters like Google pinyin for Your Windows. This input software comes bundled with the Asian versions of the BlackBerry OS(Operating System), it’s not possible to install the software standalone, at least not at this moment. So You switch Your whole OS just to input Chinese. That’s like if You had to uninstall Windows and install an Asian version of Windows just to type Chinese. Luckily You can get a standalone software for Chinese character input on a PC, so much less hassle.

    Maybe we can have such software for our BlackBerrys in the future.

    Once installed You can easily switch between English and Chinese back and forth any time, just by hitting the menu key and selecting the input language.

    By Hendrik on Jun 7, 2009

  68. Thanks, Selvy. However, I called the dealer at who said his software works on all Blackberries, except the Storm. The dealer said he’s still awaiting software that works on the Storm to allow Chinese input. Has anyone had a different experience with this dealer or another?

    By Keith on Jun 12, 2009

  69. Keith- I’ve spent the past 4 months in trying to obtain software for the Blackberry Storm but have had no luck to date. However there is one thing I wanted to point out. The dealer that you referred to was the one that I posted and have visited in the past. There are two types of Storm, a U.S. version, which is the 9530, and the Europe (Vodaphone) 9500. The dealer sells the Europe version and yes, the Europe version has Chinese input software. If you have the 9500 version, go to this web site and you will be able to download and install Chinse input. If however you have the U.S. version as I do, the Europe download software will not work, and you will unfortunately as I have continue to wait for a 3rd party manufacturer to develop it.

    By Frank on Jun 14, 2009

  70. Frank: Thanks for your response! I unfortunately also have the 9530, so it appears the only immediate solution would be for me to purchase the 9530, which I’ll thus consider, because this current situation is very frustrating. In any event, when you hear of 3rd party sofware for the 9530, I’d appreciate if you’d let us know. I’ll of course do the same.

    By Keith on Jun 15, 2009

  71. Frank: I made a typo and of course meant to say that I also have the 9500!

    By Keith on Jun 15, 2009

  72. Frank: Arg, I meant to say that like you I also have the 9530 and in light of your message am now considering purchasing the 9500 so as to be able to download the Vodaphone software you reference and use Chinese character input.

    By Keith on Jun 15, 2009

  73. Keith- your welcome. I have another suggestion- If you reside in China and really want to have Chinese input, I highly recommend purchasing an 8300 series BB instead of purchasing another Storm for the input. I purchased one and am very happy with it. The software is much more mature. The dealer I mentioned told me that the 9500 Chinese input software is still unstable. Not only can you get a better price for the 8300 series, you may enjoy the ease of the QUERTY keyboard for sending text messages as opposed to the Storm, plus the trackball wheel causes less errors than my fingers do with the Storm. BB desktop software allows you to sync both 9530 and 8300 with no errors. Then when there is Chinese character input for the 9500, you can download it and have two styles of phones.

    By Frank on Jun 16, 2009

  74. Frank: Thanks again for your further input! I live in Shanghai. Based on your suggestion, I did some browsing and see that while the BB Curve 8300 doesn’t support 3G (which capability I need for business travel to Japan and Korea), there’s apparently a BB Bold 9000 that was recently introduced in Taiwan that has a QUERTY keyboard allowing Chinese input. As you note, the QUERTY keyboard is also much more efficient than the Storm’s, with which I wholeheartedly agree from my past use of older BB models. That said, I hate to give up the Storm now that I’m somewhat accustomed to using it, not to mention it’s design and functionality are for the most part rather cool. However, I suppose the prospect of waiting another six months, or more, for the Storm to incorporate reliable Chinese input support is even less desirable.

    By Keith on Jun 16, 2009

  75. Keith- Thanks. I may be wrong but the BB Bold 9000 is sold in Taiwan and has only traditional Chinese, not simplified. You may want to double check, but the BB Bold is indeed a great phone.

    By Frank on Jun 17, 2009

  76. Frank: Fyi, I went to a place called 172Mobile (021-51963812) at 百脑汇 南泉路张杨路路口(浦东八佰伴、时代广场附近), where they installed OS on my Storm. I can now write and send emails in Chinese characters. However, I still can’t write text messages in them, which apparently has something to do with the 9530 using CDMA. However, I can create an email using Chinese characters, paste them into a text message that already contains Chinese characters (which message I forward and then delete the old text), and then send it. Nonetheless, as that’s a bit cumbersome, I’m thus now again considering purchasing the 9500 so that I can type Chinese characters directly into text messages and save the extra step.

    By Keith on Jun 21, 2009

  77. Dear Keith:

    Can you type chinese with pinyin input method with OS Thank you.

    By Suseno on Jun 21, 2009

  78. Suseno: Yes, I can type Chinese characters with Pinyin input method with OS However, as noted, it works well on the 9530 in email, but doesn’t work in text messages, requiring you to cut and past the Chinese characters from emails to text messages. Nonetheless, it’s a big improvement from having no Chinese input ability at all before.

    By Keith on Jun 21, 2009

  79. I downloaded os 4.7.085 as i couldn’t find out the

    The chinese input method is pretty good. But i can’t send sms in chinese.

    Let’s wait for the next alllanguage os for 9530.

    By Suseno on Jun 22, 2009

  80. Suseno: is currently only available through unofficial channels like the place I referenced above. Yes, I hope that a future 9530 OS version will solve the text message problem, as I write Chinese characters in text messages more frequently than emails.

    By Keith on Jun 22, 2009

  81. Hi all,

    Does anyone know how to activate your Blackberry Internet Service in Shanghai? Which provider offers the service in Shanghai? How much does it cost (monthly)?

    Unlimited or quota? How big is the quota?

    Thanks in advance

    By Suseno on Jul 1, 2009

  82. Maybe I’m computer illiterate, but I can’t figure out steps 6 and 7…I’m good up to that point, I just can’t understand what it means to open up a “console window” to manually load the apploader. Please help!

    By LL on Jul 11, 2009

  83. Hello LL,

    Your question has already been asked by Christina and I gave an in detail answer before, step by step. Please read the comments.

    By Hendrik on Jul 11, 2009

  84. Thanks. I did it, but when the apploader box popped up, it doesn’t have the East Asian Language and Support fields. Did I download the wrong device software? I downloaded the one that said east asian, but it doesn’t have it. Is there a more direct link to the software that we’re supposed to download that has the east asian inputs?

    By LL on Jul 12, 2009

  85. Hello LL,

    have You first removed all Your standard device software in step1? (Only applies if there is one installed, but it’s also possible, that there are several).

    have You removed or renamed the vendor.xml file, as in step5?

    In case You have a BlackBerry Storm, it won’t work. There is no official Chinese input for the Storm, we’ve talked about this in the comments.

    good luck :)

    By Hendrik on Jul 12, 2009

  86. Thanks, Junjie. After reading all the comments, I decided not to’s too much hassle and not worth it…plus I have a lot of apps and stuff on my BB curve that I don’t want to risk losing…I guess I’ll just have to wait until they release a language pack that can be installed separately w/o removing stuff (like in Windows)

    By LL on Jul 16, 2009

  87. Thanks for posting this, Junjie!

    I followed these instructions today, and they work perfectly! I can now read and type Chinese (in addition to English — and Japanese, which I also added).

    I did lose all of my apps, but I’ve only had my Bold for two days, so that’s a small price to pay.


    By G.E. Anderson on Jul 18, 2009

  88. I’m happy to hear it worked out for You :)

    By Hendrik on Jul 19, 2009

  89. Thanks for the trackback however after carefully reading the string, I saw that one of the known issues included “Unable to input Chinese for text message.” It seems that e-mails are o.k. as Keith reported on June 21st. If anyone finds a way to send and receive text messages on the Blackberry Storm 9530 in simplified chinese (without using e-mail and cut and paste into the text message), I would be very greatful to know about it.

    By Frank on Sep 3, 2009

  90. Hi Junjie and Frank,

    I recently bought a blackberry Bold 9000 here in the US on the AT&T network. It didn’t come pre-installed with Chinese software but I was able to install it per Junjie’s detailed and excellent instructions above.

    I installed both traditional and simplied formats. I now am able to view websites and emails in both languages.

    I am also able to chat with other users on “blackberry messenger” in Chinese….

    HOWEVER, I am having trouble with sending text messages in Chinese. I am able to type my messages in Chinese and send it, however my recipients are not able to receive any messages I send them in Chinese.

    What seems to be the problem? I am able to chat on messenger but the texts won’t go through? I thought this was probably an AT&T network problem, but it doesn’t make sense that I can chat on messenger if it’s a network problem. I was able to chat through messenger with someone on another network (T-mobile). I know Verizon users had problems with sending Chinese texts even if they install the language software because they are on CDMA and the system doesn’t translate chinese characters over to GSM well. But AT&T is on GSM.

    PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks in advance!

    By Jim on Sep 11, 2009

  91. Hello Jim,

    I’m happy to hear that it worked (partially). Unfortunately I have no idea why the text message wouldn’t work. It seems to work for me here. Maybe You buy a prepaid card from another carrier and test. Or ask some friend to borrow his phonecard for testing purposes.

    Good Luck :)

    By Hendrik on Sep 11, 2009

  92. It works to some people. I can send and receive Chinese text sms with AT&T customers here in the US but not Tmobile. It works with people in Taiwan but not people in China on China Mobile.

    Are there service agreements between phone companies that’s holding this up?

    I’ve tried playing with both 7bit and UCS2 settings as suggested somewhere else but still no work…

    Anyone knows what I am talking about?

    By Jim on Sep 11, 2009

  93. Jim- Yes, I am familiar with this problem. The Blackberry Storm 9530 that I purchased in the U.S. could not communicate SMS text messages with some China Mobile customers. This was the case with English (not Chinese) characters. I remember that I could not send or receive SMS text with all iPhone friends in China, but had no problem with Blackberry and many other phones. So another reason why I switched and bought the BB 8830.

    Sorry I could not help further.

    By Frank on Sep 15, 2009

  94. Hi, have any one try this version
    on the Storm? I think is the latest version for Storm, does it support chinese sms input. Hope to hear from you guys.
    Many Thanks.

    By PGoh on Sep 19, 2009

  95. Hi, I live in Shanghai and am about to purchase a Blackberry Bold. They have two options:
    1) Phone imported from the US – 3100 RMB
    2) Phone imported from HK. – 3700 RMB
    The one from HK is 600 RMB more expensive than the one from the US. My Chinese is not great but I think I understood it was because of the software. I am assuming both of these phones can read and write Chinese characters.
    China Mobile offers a BB plan for 398 RMB or 598 RMB a month. The 398 offers 50MB of data. I mainly use my BB for BB messenger but use it a lot. Is 50M enough data or will I exceed that by a lot?
    Thanks a lot

    By Patrick on Oct 18, 2009

  96. Hi Junjie,
    In yr steps “So how do I get the Chinese Input on my BlackBerry working?”, i managed to follow all with the exception of “6.Open a console window and go to the BlackBerry folder by entering:
    cd C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\
    Loader.exe /nojvm”.

    Please show me how to open a “console window”?


    By JJ on Dec 7, 2009

  97. Hi Junjie,
    Happy Christmas to you. I got a great Christmas present via your input re Chinese Input Method for Blackberry Storm 9500. Your “How do install Chinese Input Method and Chinese Fonts” is very good. I succeeded in the installation of East Asian Language version and for the first time I could read and write Chinese and for the first time I could read the Chinese sms and reply in Chinese.

    Praise God for giving you the wisdom to find out how to do that and also your willingness and kindness in sharing your knowledge.


    Ming K Thean (Australia)

    By Ming Thean on Dec 25, 2009

  98. Hello Ming Thean,

    You’re welcome :) I’m happy that another reader could make use of this article. Merry Christmas to You, all the helpfull commenters and all the readers who just read this long page without commenting :)

    By Hendrik on Dec 25, 2009

  99. Hi Junjie,
    I have already tried your way, but I cannot get the application list as yours. The list does not show the Chinese charaters input, only font support.
    I am using BB 9700 and the software that I downloaded was 9700jEastAsia_PBr5.0.0_rel554_PL5.1.0.98_A5.0.0.351_CSL_Limited_customers.exe.

    Do you have any suggestion? Thanks.

    By Vincent Y G on Jan 5, 2010

  100. Dear Junjie

    many thanks to ur valuable info.
    i followed your advisory and i think its working.
    however, it seems my phone went back to factory mode, to adopt thoses files as i am still waiting my phone to comeback from recovery mode.
    i’ll update back later once my phone comes back to alive hehee. hope this is supose to happening.
    well, happy New Year to all~~!!!

    By casper on Jan 6, 2010

  101. Hi
    For the last year I’ve been trying to install Chinese input on my Blackberry 8830 World Edition.

    I need Chinese input for text messaging. Right now, the phone will display Chinese, but I cannot input because the OS does not support it.
    Is it possible to have Chinese input for text messaging on the 8830?

    If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate all advice!

    By Ray on Jan 7, 2010

  102. thanks so much. your tutorial is the most clear and correct one. just flash my bb to chinese.

    By gigi on Jan 30, 2010

  103. it works…love you..muah muah muah..
    bb storm now can do chinese

    By kian on Feb 5, 2010

  104. I already install chinese and chinese hongkong alx on my 9000bold.. It works.. But when i restart, appear 1 msg :
    !Uncaught exception :

    Can u tell me what happen ? Thanks

    By Valeron on Feb 7, 2010

  105. Hello Valeron,

    I guess some third party software doesn’t get along well with your Chinese BlackBerry OS.
    Press “alt” key and hold it. Then press “l”, “g”, “l”, “g”. Now release “alt”. A log appears which might tell you more details.

    By Hendrik on Feb 7, 2010

  106. hi junjie,nihao?
    I’ve tried your way… and It’s Work……now my BB can read and write Chinese characters. tkx bro…..xiexie..jiayou

    By Yandy on Feb 17, 2010

  107. I have written earlier about my Blackberry Storm 9530 and beng unable to have Chinese input available. After a 1 year search, I have concluded that (a) there is Chinese input available for the 9500 (Europe version) which of course does not work for the 9530, and (b) there is a very complicated way to download which I was never able to successfully accomplish. Has anyone had any recent luck?

    By Frank on Mar 2, 2010

  108. Junjie
    I came across your post about Chinese input and did a software install. Chinese input works well. Yet, originally I can make phone calls over WiFi, US t-mobile calls it UMA, but not now. Do you know any fix or do I have to downgrade back to t-mobile’s os? Thank you for your great works.

    By ltk on Mar 20, 2010

  109. Hi ltk,

    there seem to be some special settings that are already enable when you install the T-Mobile OS version. Check out a popular blackberry forum like and they can probably help you to find out which settings are required for WiFi when using a non-T-Mobile OS version.

    By Hendrik on Mar 20, 2010

  110. I’ve installed BlackBerry Handheld Software v4.6.0.518 (EastAsia). However currently my handphone is using V5. So the desktop manager do not show any v4.6 for me to downgrade.

    Also I could not understand the meaning of step 6 & 7. Could you please elaborate on that? Thank you

    By SG on Apr 16, 2010

  111. I installed these per instructions. But my Desktop Manager disappeared?

    By david wu on Apr 17, 2010

  112. Hi David,

    Don’t worry to much. You probably made some mistake somewhere. You can always reinstall the Desktop Manager. Use the CD that comes with the BlackBerry. Or you can download the latest version from

    By Hendrik on Apr 18, 2010

  113. Currently I’m using V5 for my blackberry. However I’ve install several times of the East Asia pack but when I’m unable to see the East Asian Languages and Input Support.

    JJ, Please advice. Thanks in advance

    By SG on Apr 20, 2010

  114. 6 and 7 is explained in more detail in some of the comments above. You need to look.

    By Hendrik on Apr 21, 2010

  115. Hi. Thank you very much for posting the procedure. But I can’t successfully install the OS into my handset. I am currently using blackberry bold 9700. After following the steps 1 to 7, the apploader is open. But the list to choose language and application to install is empty…I’ve try to reinstall the ROM many times.. Any suggestions? Thank you

    By Jenny on Apr 28, 2010

  116. Solve the problem. Use my friends computer and it works. Don’t know what’s wrong with mine…

    By Jenny on Apr 30, 2010

  117. Uninstall any previous BlackBerry device software. Go to the Control Panel and then go to Add/Remove Programs. There You can find any previously installed device softwares. Don’t confuse the device software with the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

    cloud you tell me the name of BlackBerry device software which I should remove

    By jason on May 12, 2010

  118. Remove them all :)

    By Hendrik on May 12, 2010

  119. Hi Junjie,
    I wrote to you in december 2009 after successfully installing the chinese input in my storm 9500. Now that the new os 5.0 is out it is more powerful than the 4.7. Is there sny way to switch over to os 5.0? Is there a device software 5.0 in east asian language that can go with os 5.0?
    Hope to here from you soon.

    Thank you very much and continue to enjoy your last sprint of spring as summer is just around the corner.

    Ming Kong Thean 田明光

    By Ming Thean on May 13, 2010

  120. Hi Ming Thean,

    sorry I haven’t worked really with 5.0, my Curve doesn’t support it anyways. However, BlackBerrys are sold all over Asia, so I guess there must be a version with Chinese support. Just look around at the BlackBerry website.

    By Hendrik on May 21, 2010

  121. cant find C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion
    I use Bold 9000

    By Yoevan on May 24, 2010

  122. OK I solved the problem already.. Thanks! your blog is GOOD! thumbs-up.. :)

    By Yoevan on May 24, 2010

  123. Thanks for this article.
    I upgrade my BB storm to os, this software was download from china mobile people telephone BlackBerry Handheld Software v5.0.0.801 (EastAsia)
    I can write and read Chinese now.

    By Dennis on Jun 10, 2010

  124. Hello,
    Currently i am using bb bold 9700 unlocked unit. After i run the desktop manager to install opera mini. I have no idea why it remove my chinese software. How can i solve it?? pls help.. Thank you

    By Terrence on Jul 24, 2010

  125. Hello Terrence,

    I’m also using Opera Mini without any problems. Maybe some other reader can answer or you might want to look at the Opera Mini Community Forums:

    By Hendrik on Jul 24, 2010

  126. hi..
    i’m using blackberry curve 8520..but i got v4.6.1.134 and there’s no chinese or korean in my input language..
    could you give me the software download for my blackberry?
    thank’s so much..

    By christela on Jul 27, 2010

  127. junjie, ni hao? mafan ni ya,

    I have a question, i tried downloading the version 5 for my bb9000bold and it gives me error 507, which is no software as my computer won’t detect my blackberry and stopped in the middle. Now my blackberry doesn’t work, can you help?

    By Brian on Aug 2, 2010

  128. Christela,
    read my article again.

    get the latest Version of the Desktop Manager and install it and also get the latest version of the BlackBerry OS for your device from your carriers website.

    Then follow through the steps in my article above, but use the BlackBerry OS from your vendor for your device instead of a Chinese version.

    You won’t get Chinese on your BlackBerry this way, but you will at least get your BlackBerry back to its initial state. After that you can get on with experimenting.

    By Hendrik on Aug 2, 2010

  129. hey there, thanks a lot!

    i used your guide two times by now. a chinese woman recently joined our company and she asked if it’s possible to write emails in chinese language on a blackberry.
    today, a friend of her asked me for helping her, too ;)

    a shame that rim doesnt manage to do this on their own.


    shokked from germany

    By shokked on Aug 4, 2010

  130. Hi! I use a Blackberry Curve 8530 and I cannot find the model on the web site. I tried downloading the OS for Curve 8520 but nothing happened. What should I do? On my Blackberry I can read Chinese but can’t input Chinese. Please help me!

    By Meriele on Sep 6, 2010

  131. Thanks for the wonderful instructions Junjie! I can now read chinese on my Bold 9700. The installed OS version is now v5.0.0.862 (Bundle 1446, Platform I am a newbie to BB, and hope you don’t mind answer these questions:

    1. My Bold was locked to my phone carrier. Does it mean that the phone is now unlocked?

    2. I am confused about BB Desktop Software and BB Desktop Manager. Before I follow your instructions to add chinese, I installed the software on the BB CD, and Desktop Manager 5.0 …was installed. The Desktop Manager was running until after I added chinese, and have the phone connected to my PC, then the Desktop Manager keep crashing. I have to uninstalled it and now installed BB Desktop software version and work fine. Are the Desktop Manager and Desktop Software the same?

    3. I could not seem to find any Adobe Reader for BB. Is there a way to read pdf file?

    Thanks a lot.

    By sans2000 on Sep 6, 2010

  132. Hi I have an old BB model 8830. Anyone here knows how to get Chinese input working on 8830? Your help is much appreciated!

    I followed instructions from the original post, but the blackberry download site does not have a link to the 8830. I tried downloading the file for 8820 and 8800 and neither works…

    By UFO on Sep 7, 2010

  133. How are you on apps? I’m trying to install the free MIDs English to Pinyin dictionary on my 8310. I’ve dl’d several *.jar files from different sites, now, and I’m having the same problem each time. I get the “Download failed” message. I apparently have 22 Mb’s free on the phone (got rid of apps I don’t use), and the file is only 3 Mb in size. The only reason I can think of is that it’s not suitable for the 8310, however, every website I go to says that it is. Any way to solve this little enigma?

    By Chris on Oct 29, 2010

  134. Hi
    I just bought a new Blackberry 9800 Torch wonderfull device
    But now i want my chinese characters on my screen, so I need to read and input chinese characters on my blackberry and this for business use
    Can anyone help me out with this one
    thanks xiexie

    By vincent mottrie on Nov 4, 2010

  135. Hi, does the one you advised on 2008 work on Blackberry Torch?

    By Cheryl on Nov 12, 2010

  136. i can’t open the file that i’ve downloaded..what should i do?
    please reply thanks =)

    By ELSI on Nov 15, 2010

  137. Works wonderfully on Curve 8900!

    By ANnie on Nov 26, 2010

  138. Torch 9800 All Languages input+reading Version:

    Installation Instructions:

    – You must download both the desktop and handheld software to a temporary location on your hard drive.
    – Be sure to install the desktop software first, then the handheld software on your computer. The handheld software will update the software on your BlackBerry Torch 9800.

    1. Install Desktop Manager 5.0.1 B84 Multilanguage -> choose your language
    2. Install BlackBerry Handheld(device) Software v6.0.0.695 -> choose your language
    3. After the installations, run Desktop Manager and choose tab : “update software”
    and click “start”
    4. Choose the extra languages you wish to support for writing and reading.
    5. Then proceed. After five minutes your phone will reboot and is succesfully updated !

    Desktop Manager 5.0.1 B84 Multilanguage – With Media Manager

    File Name: 501_b084_multilanguage.exe
    Download Size: 259.611 MB
    Published Date: 10/20/2010

    Download links :

    BlackBerry Handheld Software v6.0.0.695 (All Languages include : Asia )

    Package Version:

    Consisting of:

    * Applications:
    * Software Platform:
    * File name: 9800AllLang_PBr6.0.0_rel695_PL6.4.0.105_A6.0.0.246 _Telus_Mobility.exe
    * File size: 177.78MB

    Download firmware :

    By mogando on Dec 10, 2010

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