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Back to Hongkong

May 14, 2008 – 5:19 am

My original plan was to stay in Kunming, however with the whole visa thing getting worse and worse it seems like I have to go back to Hongkong. This is to bad, as I feel that the people in Hongkong actually speak Japanese. I hope I can continue my Mandarin Chinese learning adventures as well as I can here in Kunming.

Then, Hongkong might be an interesting experience that will give me new insights in many ways. Maybe I should start learning Cantonese, which I would do from scratch. Yesterday I stumbled across some learn Cantonese resources:
Learn Cantonese Podacast
Useful Cantonese words in categories

I can already say Ni Hao in Cantonese: Lei Ho (don’t know if this written correct, as I have not dived into the whole romanization thing).

At the 3rd of June I take a flight from Kunming international airport to Shenzhen international airport. Well, two international airports but still a domestic flight. wanted to point that out anyways to make the impression I belong to the jet set. I didn’t book a flight to Hongkong’s international Airport, which is also known as Chek Lap Kok Airport. I did the same route on my way to Kunming previously. So I will take the bus at Shenzhen airport. Teh bus will probably take me to Kowloon station. From there I need to find some place to sleep. Hopefully I can find an apartment or some other means of housing pretty quickly as Hongkong’s hotels are really expensive, at least for me. I will stay in Hongong until end of September so I have plenty of time to explore that huge city in the very south of China.

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  1. 3 Responses to “Back to Hongkong”

  2. As there is no official pinyin counterpart for Cantonese I guess you wrote it correctly :)

    There are actually many people in Hong Kong that speak Mandarin. It’s getting more and more since the past years as the Chinese government is pushing this with subsidized Mandarin classes.

    By kozen on May 14, 2008

  3. I’ve talked with several shop owners in Kennedy Town two years ago who spoke pretty good Mandarin – even though I doubt they attend any of the subsidised classes (unless they start at 10 p.m. or later). Ppl in HK might even happen to speak Mandarin with less of a local accent than in Yunnan or other places in Mainland China. Anyway, enjoy your stay.

    By justrecently on May 19, 2008

  4. You are right, Hongkong is a place where people from all over China come together. Before I came to Kunming I stayed a very short time (2days) in Hongkong and at that time I didn’t find anyone with a clear putonghua sound.

    I shouldn’t be discouraged by a 2 day experience. Thanks for Your input :)

    By Hendrik on May 20, 2008

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