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Ba Dian Ban Club

May 17, 2008 – 2:45 am

Yesterday evening was hot, a friend and me took a tour around the Kunming party scene. We started out in the Hump bar, then checked out the area behind the Hump bar for about 2 hours. There I learned how to get freedrinks:

Go into a bar / disko-bar. One of the waiters will follow You to bring You to a table. Have a good look, then go to the exit again. Tell them it’s too empty. They will say, You just have to wait a bit. Ask for free beer to make Your waiting time more pleasurable.

ba dian ban jiu ba ka

Then we went on to 八点半酒吧 (bā diǎn bàn jiǔbā) which means Half Past Eight Club. Now I have to say, that the women in 八点半酒吧 are really hot, many almost model like. At the same time I have to say probably 90% are probably working girls there. Not that they refuse to dance with You, however it’s predetermined who they will accompany by money. A group of Vietnamese guys topped everything. They were probably in their late 20s and had a group of really beautiful women at their sides, all paid. So if someone looks to find a beautiful woman, 八点半酒吧 might be a good place to see one, but chances to actually get one are rather low.

Half Past Eight Club Foreigner Card

Anyways, the club is cool as foreigners get some free drinks there. Once You enter some guy will come up to You and tell You something about drinks. He then asks You to enter some form and You get a card which grants You 3 free beer or mixdrinks every evening. I like freedrinks! The frontside of this card You can see in the above picture, here goes the backside:

half past eight club foreigner card

The card grants You 3 free drinks, that’s actually enough for me, as I don’t drink very much. Then it’s useless as You are invited by locals all the time anyways. At least You have a map on how to find the Half Past Eight Club.

update, May 25. :

I have been to Ba Dian Ban once again, and this time there were far less Chicken and an overall fun atmosphere, or maybe the present laowais created a nice fun atmosphere. We got our free drinks as expected, every laowai got his 3 bottles. As we had been around 10 laowais over the course of the evening, some leaving early, some arriving late, 30 bottles had been sponsored. I really wonder how they make money, then this is not my business.

For You beauties out there, Ba Dian Ban also has some 美女-Card (Card for beautiful women). Women holding this card can have 3 bottles of beer at 4 different evenings each month. Not as good as the laowai card, then still acceptable.

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