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Are You famous?

February 28, 2008 – 2:21 am

If You are from the West then You are probable famous in China. Maybe not in the modern cities like Shanghai or Beijing, but You definitely are in the rest of the country.

People will take photos of You. Sometimes they pretend to take a photo of a tree that is behind You, however they want You on their photo.

We had been at some mountain near Chengdu (sorry forgot the name of that quite impressive hill), when we encountered this scene. An ordinary unsuspicious family….

an unsuspicious family

Let’s have a closer look….

camera and excitenment

Now it becomes clear, they are taking photos of us. Yeah, we must be really strange or famous movie star? Who knows.

Then we gave them a sign to come over to us. They did and we took a photo together. They were totally happy afterwards. 10 more fans! Yehaw!

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