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Another company goes China

November 3, 2013 – 9:55 am

Politicians of EU and China ensuring a healthy and growth oriented business atmosphere

Finally the company I work at is starting its China business (sorry, no names at this point, but google might help you). That came somewhat unexpected, so I was surprised myself that my employer suddenly has the Chinese fever and wants to sell products to customers in China. But I guess that’s what people call an opportunity. I already had a chance to review marketing material in Chinese to make sure it’s free of any errors. There were several parts I didn’t really understand, but mostly I understood. Feels great to make use of my Chinese.

Small and midsize businesses need you!

While learning Chinese makes a nice hobby, there always is the question how you can profit. Chinese still is a language few people speak in Europe. And while small companies don’t have the resources to afford a dedicated translator, they try to hire people they need for they everyday business, who at the same time know exotic languages. As I said before, learn some solid skill plus Chinese and you will be fine.

But it’s not only small and midsize business expanding towards China, business is also going the other direction. More and more Chinese businesses sell their goods in Europe and America. Occasionally I look at job networks like and there are jobs that require some skill plus Chinese. If you haven’t already started learning Chinese, right now might be a good moment.

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