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All Your base are belong to the Chinese

November 14, 2007 – 6:22 pm

This year China made long term contracts with Africa to buy resources. China is building its space program. China buys all kind of resources from anyone who is willing to sell. At the same time only those Chinese who are living in cities are actually buying stuff from other countries. The Chinese people in the countryside are still farmers. They don’t withdraw steel from international markets. However this might change. If China’s back country farmers introduce more technology into their work routine they will demand more resources. Wherever these might come from.

chinese river with boats near city

China needs everything. Therefore they make business contracts with companies all over the world. Lots of money can be earned when making business with China. The only problem left: The language issue. Only few Chinese can speak proper English. Only few foreigners can speak Chinese.

This is Your chance to hop on the train and start learning Chinese. Here are some facts to convince You why learning Chinese is rewarding:

  • 0.85 billion native Mandarin speakers
  • 1.3 billion total Mandarin speakers
  • China is on the best way to a modern economic super power. You need to learn Chinese to make business with them.

Lately the number of learn Chinese online resources is exploding. More and more courses in evening schools are offered. It’s not to late to hop on the train. Well it’s exactly the right moment. Check out my post of Getting Started.

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  1. One Response to “All Your base are belong to the Chinese”

  2. I am a Chinese, and I am always delighted to hear foreigners speaking Chinese. In China, the foreign friends who can speak Chinese is welcomed and respected by others. So, don’t get discouraged, and practice Chinese as possibly as you can. I suggest you visit the website, where you can practice your Chinese with Chinese volunteers for free, and you will also see rich recourse of learning Chinese.

    By Danny on Nov 27, 2007

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