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This is a short introduction of the guy who runs this site.
a picture of Hendrik, the guy who runs
This is the guy that runs this site. This picture is from his home place in Europe. His favorite color is green

Hi, I’m Hendrik and I run I was born in 1982 in a rural town in central Europe, a place where watching trees grow is a common hobby among people.

In the summer of 2006 I started learning Chinese. I needed another language for my CV. Most people start to learn a language because they fell in love with someone from a country where that language is spoken. Or maybe because they like that language so much. But for me it was out of pure need to learn a second foreign language besides English. However, with every day of learning my interest in Chinese increased. Soon Chinese was much more than just an item on my CV.

At the same time I’m damn lazy. Some people even claim I’m the laziest person in town. So it is no surprise, that I became a computer scientist by profession (All of them are very lazy), but one of my missions is to find the most effective ways to learn Chinese. Minimum effort, maximum results.

Being lazy won’t stop me to reach my goals. Lately I have discovered my love for the Chinese language to its full extend and I’m studying it very hard like my whole future depends on it. It doesn’t feel like work anymore, since I discovered which methods work. When I started learning Chinese it was a burden. Being effective and load more content into the brain in a give timespan helps.

I’m also looking forward to start to learn more Asian languages once my Chinese is good enough to use it in a professional setting. Currently I can fluently talk about simple matters in Chinese and I think that’s a great accomplishment. Now comes the hard part, from every day conversation to advanced conversation. This is the part where uncoordinated learning will fail. I’m testing any learning method I come across and after a while I realize which one works, and which doesn’t.

I also like communication with motivating people, so I start talking to them whenever I get the chance. When I talk to people with great goals and plans a spark of energy jumps over from them to me and I pursue my plans even stronger. As my studies are almost over now I’m preparing for my first real job. I’m now (end of 2011) working in a 9 to 5 job and scheduling of Chinese learning sessions is hard. Keeping up the motivation after 8 hours of regular work is one of the main problems and I’m using any motivational strategy that I can find in my toolbox.

Talking about studies, I’m a computer scientist with a bachelor degree. I’m not to impressed by degrees, but this one certainly helps to get a better payment. Computers used to be my main interest when I started my studies, and today I think I made a great choice, leading towards a great career. During an internship in mobile communications I also found my love for the mobile world. Asia is a really crazy place when it comes to mobile communications. Being a computer scientist with interest in mobile technologies and fluent Chinese on top is an awesome skill set to work with.

Besides my professional interest in greater China, I also have some private reasons to look to Asia. Is there any cuisine better than the Chinese one? Chinese food and Asian food are definitely first choice for me. Burgers and French fries just don’t cut it for me.

And I do like Asian women. When I grew up in my hillbilly village, I didn’t even know how Asian woman look like, but after moving to the big city I realized that is the type of woman I like. I really don’t want to reduce women to looks. A great character is a must have! However there are women with great character in any country of the world, so why not choose a woman with great character and great looks?

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Why I started learning Chinese

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